Remembering Ash vs Evil Dead: Top 3 scenes from the final season


Ash vs Evil Dead was cancelled on this day in 2018. The news was devastating for fans of the series and was made doubly so by Bruce Campbell announcing his retirement as Ash Williams. We look back on the top 3 scenes from the final season.

Ash vs Evil Dead was an innovative series that set the benchmark for future horror comedies such as Stan Against Evil and Santa Clarita Diet. When the show was announced in 2014, fans everywhere rejoiced at the news. Finally, their beloved Ashley J. Williams was coming back, this time to the small screen.

Unfortunately, after plummeting ratings, STARZ made the decision to cancel the series after just 3 seasons. Bruce Campbell took to Twitter and Facebook to make the announcement to his fans. Ash left the building, forever.

A year later, the show is performing rather successfully on Netflix. Campbell’s alter ego was added to the popular game Dead by Daylight and a virtual reality game is in the works. At 1428 Elm, we decided to commemorate one of our favorite TV shows by recalling the top 3 scenes from the final season.

The List

3. Booth Three -Sperm Fight

Ash vs Evil Dead -Bruce Campbell – Sperm Fight – Courtesy of STARZ

This particular episode was so over the top that it made the infamous colon scene from season 2 look tame. Ash Williams was on a quest to find out who had his “seed” so this took him to the local cryobank. Where we learn that apparently, our favorite chainsaw handed hero had been a donator for years. In his words, it was his “life’s work.”

After attempting to find out if anyone paid for his particular “man sauce,” Ash was feeling generous after looking at some special magazines. So, he decided to relive old times and give the gift of life. While he is otherwise engaged in Booth Three, Ruby is attempting to destroy his seed and potential offspring by reciting incantations from the Necronomicon.

Mrs. Lam, the clinician is busy attending to samples when the evil force slams into her as a result of Ruby’s work and she becomes a Deadite. Then all hell breaks loose when Marcy the receptionist comes in to ask her a question.

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While the commotion is going on outside, Ash is trying his best to keep his mood up by getting involved with a centerfold. As if by magic, this picture springs to life and starts attacking him. All of this action is set to the 1980’s hit Take on Me by the group, A-ha.

After killing Marcy, Mrs. Lam sets her sights on Ash. He is bobbing and weaving like Muhammad Ali as she hurls his “essence” at him in what proves to be a memorable fight sequence. Let me just say that you will never quite hear A-ha’s signature song in the same way ever again.

2. Tales from the Rift -Kelly’s Death

Ash vs Evil Dead – Kelly’s Revenge – Dana DeLorenzo – Courtesy of STARZ

Kelly Maxwell was a fan favorite. Everyone loved this toughie with a penchant for swearing like a sailor. We all knew that after Ruby messed with her sweet Pablito, there was going to be a no holds barred smackdown between Kelly and the Demon Ice Queen.

What we got was a literal hardcore duel between two badass characters and strong women. All of the rage and hurt at the losses in her life due to fighting Deadites came through Kelly as she sparred with Ruby. Of course, Maxwell gets her ankle broke but she still comes at her former ally.

This was perhaps one of the best choreographed combat scenes in television history. Just when we think that Kelly may have killed Ruby with the Kandarian dagger, we realize that we are sadly mistaken. Then the unthinkable happens.

Kelly Maxwell dies! As she lies on the floor in a pool of blood, the entire viewing audience sat staring in disbelief. Twitter and social media went bonkers. Is she really dead? Dana DeLorenzo played along and wouldn’t let fans know either way.

I will admit, I didn’t see this coming and I was stunned. Lucy Lawless and Dana gave top notch performances in this episode and in my estimation, both of them should have been nominated for Emmys.

1. The Mettle of Man -Ash’s Meltdown

Ash vs Evil Dead- Ash’s Meltdown – Courtesy of STARZ

Up until the last episode, Ash managed to keep it together. Despite all the trauma that he endured over 40 years, he remained stoic and we rarely saw him get emotional after the very first Evil Dead movie.

However, all of that changed. Gradually, over the course of Season 3, Ash started becoming a more dimensional character. He wasn’t one note. Bruce Campbell got to “fix” him and actually turned him into a multi-layered being.

Gone was the selfish braggart from Season 1 and in his place was a leader and a devoted father. The lone wolf was capable of love and wasn’t afraid to show it.

When Ash and the Ghostbeaters return to his house after having seen the apocalyptic chaos of Elk Grove since the Dark Ones arrival, everything catches up to our hero. We see the tired, defeated emotional mess that he has become because he has reached his breaking point.

What makes this scene so impactful is the anguish in Campbell’s eyes when he says that he is a failure and he tears up. We have all been there at some point in our own lives. This is a highly relatable moment and one that is unforgettable.

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It has been a year since the show has been off the air. The cast has gone on to other projects and the world is still spinning. However, for one brief moment in time, we all became Ghostbeaters. Ash vs Evil Dead may be a memory but we will always have Elk Grove.

What was your most memorable scene from Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.