Fade to Silence game review: I don’t have the patience for this, man!


Drawn in by the promise of Lovecraftian elements, I had high hopes for “Fade to Silence” only to have my heart crushed by a car falling from the sky.

Fade to Silence was developed by Black Forest Games and published by THQ Nordic. It was originally released on Windows in 2017 but recently made it to consoles.

I try to go into new games giving them the benefit of the doubt, especially with indie horror and anything with a Lovecraftian theme. I mean, Call of Cthulhu was an indie horror game and it was amazing.

So, when I heard about Fade to Silence, I knew that I wanted to play it. I tried really hard to play it and really hard to like it.

I’m not terribly experienced in the way of survival games but you include Lovecraftian elements into a game and I am willing to try anything once. Now I wish I hadn’t.

I hate giving bad reviews because I know there are people that worked hard on this game. Regardless of how fun something is or isn’t, this is someone’s hard work so I always try to find some redeeming qualities.

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I pride myself on honest reviews but not brutal ones and that’s what makes this review so hard for me. I did not have fun playing this game at all. I tried and tried and all I felt was frustration.

The graphics were okay. They can’t hold a candle to Days Gone or A Plague Tale: Innocence, which were released around the same time. The environment does feel desolate and cold which is what it was going for.

The narration by the monster does seem ominous, although the other voice acting is not good. Those issues were nothing compared to the gameplay.

Fade to Silence just throws you into the game. There are small bits of information but not enough to actually know what you are doing to keep yourself from dying by one thing or another. Speaking of dying, it is the WORST.

Image courtesy of Black Forest Games/THQ Nordic

You start at a central point and then explore outward to find help and supplies for you and your daughter to survive, all the while adding other survivors to your party. Fine, that makes sense. BUT you may get a ways away from your base camp only to be killed by a monster because you STILL don’t have a weapon or, even better, a random CAR drops out of the sky and crushes you.

Yeah, that happens and it sends you aaaaalll the way back to base camp no matter how far you have traveled. I can’t even explain to you the amount of frustration that comes with it.

I couldn’t finish Fade to Silence. I was so annoyed that I can still feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. It has the potential to be a fun and eerie game, but Black Forest Games dropped the ball on this one, at least to me.

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I can’t help but give this one a 2/10, maybe a 3 tops. I will try again at a future date, but my first impressions for this game were not great. Fade to Silence  is available now for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One, if you dare.

Have you played Fade to Silence yet? Did you have a better experience? Let us know in the comments.