The Dead Files are resurrected for a new season on Travel Channel


The Dead Files featuring the paranormal investigation team of retired New York homicide detective, Steve DiSchiavi and medium Amy Allan returns to the Travel Channel in July.

The Dead Files is one of the best paranormal series on air because of the winning combination of Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan. So, it is no surprise that Travel Channel has chosen to renew the show. Ever since 2011, the duo have been helping homeowners rid their abodes of sometimes violent entitites.

Each week, the show will travel to different locations to tackle various situations. Some can be life threatening. Usually, Steve and Amy respond to the most severe cases of supernatural activity to assess whether or not families should stay in their homes or vacate the premises.

Most of the reason why The Dead Files is compelling television is because of the two leads and the dynamics between them. DiSchiavi is a retired homicide detective who served for over two decades as one of New York’s finest. His role on the team is to assess the property being investigated to see if anything traumatic took place in or around the surrounding area of activity.

After Steve does his assessment then Amy visits the property. This is usually done at night. She has no contact with the homeowners unlike Steve. Being a medium, her job is to walk-thru the haunted properties to make contact with whatever spirit or spirits are causing the disturbances.

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Once she identifies the source of the conflict, she can then determine what the best cause of action is for the individuals in need of assistance. It is important to note that Allan doesn’t speak to DiSchiavi until the reveal with the homeowners at the end of the episode. That way their findings remain unbiased.

According to the press release, this year, The Dead Files will definitely have some challenging and terrifying cases.The premiere finds DiSchiavi and Allan wrestling with a dark being that delights in tormenting a family in Tonawanda, New York.

They will explore possessions, frightening demonic entities and other paranormal phenomenons throughout this season’s ten episodes. As Steve explains:

"“I’ve seen a lot of things throughout my career, but the cases this season shock even me. These families need our help, and for many, we’re their last hope.”"

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The Dead Files airs Thursdays on Travel Channel starting July 11 at 10 p.m.

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