Tobias Forge never planned to lead Ghost and open to new singer


In a recent on camera interview, Tobias Forge of Ghost talked of his original intentions not to be the center of the band and being open to a new singer.

That title alone is a scary thought. Ghost has become a global phenomenon with Tobias Forge leading the charge to make metal something that makes listeners joyful, to “tickle their taints” and “make their asses wobble.” That’s not something that most rock and metal music strives for but the theatrics, talented Ghouls and Ghoulettes and buttery vocals has made Ghost what it is today. But that isn’t what it was meant to be, and moreover, may not be what it remains if Forge has a choice.

Tobias Forge is an intensely talented musician. Not only is he a Satan blessed singer with vocals making audiences melt and a stage presence rivaling anyone, but he’s a talented guitar player too. In past bands, Forge has done vocals while playing guitar. According to Revolver, during a sit-down video interview with 101WKQX, he discussed how the original plan was to play guitar and be back-up vocals for another singer.

"“I wanted to write everything and I wanted do back-up vocals. I just wanted to be the guitar player. That’s always been in my head — I am a guitar player. Now, obviously, I’m conditioned into being the singer guy, but if I had my way and definitely in an alternative future, if whatever happens, I could definitely picture myself sort of getting someone else to sing and just play guitar.”"

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Can I just say that if that were to ever happen, I would be so sad. Even though Prequelle hasn’t been the best album they have released, the dynamics of Cardinal Copia, the Ghouls and Ghoulettes are the best that it is ever been. Getting rid of a background vocal track to replace it with live vocals and adding musicians who  are in the band now raises the bar so high.

Not only that, Forge is a funny and charismatic front man to Ghost. The Papas (with an exception to the original Papa perhaps) and Cardinal Copia portray Forge’s sexual charisma and hilarity that you don’t see in other bands these days. When you go to a Ghost show, you get great music, theatrics and a comedy show. I can’t imagine a new singer would bring that same level of performance that we have grown accustomed to.

Would I stop listening to Ghost if Tobias took a backseat to another singer? No, of course not. This band is where it is for a reason. I would 100% give it a chance but if Papa Nihil can serenade us sweet, sexy notes on a saxophone, I’m sure the fandom would accept Cardi C shredding some tasty solos on a guitar and we wouldn’t bat an eye. Just a suggestion.

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Fan of the metal mayhem known as Ghost? Would you still listen if the band got a new singer? Let us know in the comments!