Pentagon video from 1985 shows UFO firing on airliner?


UFO reports are starting to resurface after years of being hidden thanks in part to the efforts of Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge. However, the most recent video release from 1985 raises quite a few questions.

UFO footage can be found everywhere on the internet these days. Some are legitimately unidentifed aerial phenomenon while others are elaborate CGI productions worthy of a Steven Spielberg film. Then you come across “documentation” that leaves you thoroughly puzzled.

At the beginning of this month, Rumble Viral on You Tube posted what appears to be a “secret” video from 1985 that was given to the site by “Person X,” a former Pentagon employee. What is curious is that this particular channel is devoted to animals and other benign fare, until recently.

While they do have over 1 million subscribers it is interesting that a former insider within the Pentagon would choose to release their information there. In my opinion, with the publicity that Luis Elizondo has been generating to get full disclosure on UFO encounters from the government, you would think the anonymous source would have approached him.

The video in question is rather grainy and appears to be degraded by several generations. There are glitches and it reminds me of what happened back in the day when you had a favorite VHS movie that you would pause over and over again on certain sequences.

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Of course, there is no point of origin with this UFO information. So, as viewers we are left wondering if the footage is from a radar or some other source. Thankfully, Rumble Viral has magnified certain key elements for examination.

Also, I did some research into airline crashes for 1985. None of the prevalent cases had any information about UAPs or ambushes by unidentified craft causing pilots to lose control.

When watching this video, here are a few things to pay attention to:

  • Sudden acceleration – this happens to be one of the “5 Observables” that Pentagon investigators assigned UFOs. You will notice this feat when the object chases the airliner and then after “attacking” it, the UAP takes off abruptly and goes out of frame.
  • The “strike” – while it could be a weapon of some sort deployed or an electromagnetic pulse, it also looks like a flare. However, see above. At the rate of speed this craft appears to be traveling it may make the flare drop theory obsolete.

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Other items to consider:

  • If a commercial airliner were “shot down” why is their no record of it?
  • Wouldn’t there be casualties?
  • This case would probably be referenced by Ufologists at some point in time.

It could be a well-played hoax. Then again, maybe not.

What do you think? Is this a UFO to you? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.