Sam Raimi: Evil Dead could be resurrected in six months


Sam Raimi in an interview with Bloody Disgusting stated that in six months, we might see some Evil Dead action. Good news for fans missing the franchise!

Sam Raimi in an interview with Bloody Disgusting for his new movie, Crawl, intimated that fans “may see some action on the Evil Dead movie in six months.” This is music to lovers of the horror franchise’s ears. However, proceed with extreme caution before getting overly enthusiastic.

Why do I say this? History. Now, I am not doubting the director in the least. I think that something is in the works because when we talked to Bruce Campbell, he had a lot to say on this subject. Including the fact that they had “viable information floating around,” along with “a couple of concepts and notions.”

From what Raimi revealed it sounds like they have a direction they want to go in if he anticipates news by the end of this year or the beginning of 2020. According to Sam, there is an idea for Bruce to return as Ash if he decides he wants to come out of retirement, another for the Jane Levy world of Evil Dead and a very cryptic third alternative if the first two don’t come to fruition.

For right now, Bruce has no plans on returning to the role that started his career. As he stated before in other interviews as well as ours, he is done with Ash in a live action capacity. Remember, there is also an Evil Dead game coming at the end of this year as well in which Campbell will be voicing his character.

It also seems like Sam respects Bruce’s retirement decision. Both the director and his frequent muse have stated that they have doubts about Fede Alvarez returning to helm a second feature for them because of his star status. Bruce hopes that Jane Levy would reprise her role as Mia but that remains to be seen because like Fede, she is also in high demand.

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What would be interesting to see is if Sam would stay serious in his approach like Alvarez’s effort or would he infuse his signature “splatstick” into a new incarnation? Furthermore, would he be directing it?

If Campbell has his way, he wants a return to the tone of Evil Dead 2 or Army of Darkness. In other words, have a little fun with the franchise.

Here is my take on the situation for what its worth. I don’t see Bruce Campbell returning in the way that fans would like and he has stated that backing the truck up with money isn’t what he is about. At this point in his life, it is all about quality. So, that being said, he has stated that he will be heavily involved in the production end of things particularly with casting.

As for Sam Raimi, while I would love to see him direct, who knows? His slate is so full with production duties but it feels like the time is right for him to step behind the camera again.

Honestly, I am very curious about the third option. So, Bruce doesn’t come back and Fede and Jane are busy, could this open the door to continue the franchise with the Ghostbeaters? Dana DeLorenzo is on a hot TV series right now on EPIX, Perpetual Grace, LTD. Her star is still burning bright and fans can’t get enough of Kelly Maxwell.

Ray Santiago is going to be appearing in the upcoming highly anticipated Robert Patrick horror film, Tone-Deaf which will be released on Aug. 23. Everyone loves Pablo, after all he is El Brujo Especial.

dark. Next. Was Bruce Campbell going to be Mysterio in Spider-Man 3?

I guess we will have to stay tuned. In the meantime, catch Sam Raimi’s Crawl on Friday!

What are your thoughts on Sam Raimi stating that we will hear some action on Evil Dead in 6 months? Do you think it will happen? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.