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Coming Soon: New Evil Dead Movies?!

1428 Elm: That’s funny that you said, “Never say never.” Just for the record, we believe you when you say that you aren’t returning to Ash in a live action capacity.

BC: Yeah, I’m done with that portion of it. That incarnation of Ash.

1428 Elm: There are people out there that believe that if they back the truck up with a ton of money, you will reprise the role again.

BC: You know, that’s such a cynical approach. That is assuming that I am basically a money whore and I always get insulted at that.

1428 Elm: You should get insulted at that.

BC: I still have some personal standards and I got to tell you, it ain’t about the money. Because when you physically don’t want to be somewhere, they can’t pay you enough to stay there. That’s what those cynical people don’t quite understand.

Money has zero to do with it. It’s the quality of your life. Look, it’s all good.

I’m glad that people are still interested in the Evil Dead universe and we hope to do more movies. There’s no question about it.

Jane Levy has a very thriving career. We’ll see yes/no in the future of her doing another one. I would love to see another movie with her in it because I thought she f****** killed it and I think she’s very impressive as an actress.

We’d be lucky to get her back. Fede Álvarez, we probably can’t get him back. You know, he’s a Hollywood guy now.

We’re hearing pitches for new versions of Evil Dead. Sam Raimi is very interested in continuing to act in the producing role.

Because look, as a franchise, it’s very viable. I actually want to do a remake now that is more in the vein of an Army of Darkness or Evil Dead 2 where you’ve got a little more of the trash talking. Fede wanted to be very true to the genre and he was.

The original Evil Dead is a melodrama. It is. There’s not a trash talking, snarky line really in the whole movie except by the character Scotty.

If you want to do another remake, maybe do one that has a little more fun. Maybe introduce a new character. He doesn’t have to be Ash. The trick is putting characters in situations over their heads because they are mortals. That’s what this is all about.

Jane Levy in the remake, she was overcoming addiction. She was a vulnerable person. That’s who you want to see as the hero. Someone who is already trying to kick a f****** meth addiction, you know what I mean?

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That’s who you want to save the world. That’s what makes The Exorcist a good movie. You have a priest who is doubting his faith, trying to get a demon out of a person. That is a great story.

Evil Dead can continue as long as you put average people like really average or even below average people in extraordinary situations. Then I think it will always function.

So, why not? Sam’s a very inventive guy. He meets filmmakers all the time because they all want to meet him.

We have some very viable information that is floating around, a couple of concepts and notions so you’ll see more of what we can give while we’re doing all of our other stuff.

1428 Elm: Just to be clear. You personally will be in more of a production role on future Evil Dead incarnations, correct?

BC: Absolutely. I get involved in casting; it is really important to me who is in the movies. The script is important. I also like the post aspect. I like to sit in on the mixes of the movies because that’s when the rubber meets the road! That’s where a scene is either going to work, or it’s not.