Bruce Campbell: What we want to see on Ripley’s in Season 2

Bruce Campbell - Ripley's Believe It or Not 13- Courtesy of Travel Channel
Bruce Campbell - Ripley's Believe It or Not 13- Courtesy of Travel Channel /

Bruce Campbell will be ending his Season 1 hosting gig at Ripley’s Believe It or Not! this Sunday with back to back episodes starting at 8 p.m. on Travel Channel. Here is what we want to see if the series is renewed for Season 2.

Bruce Campbell will be wrapping up his gig as host of the first season of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! You can catch the finale this Sunday on Travel Channel at 8 p.m. There will be two back to back episodes for audiences to enjoy before the show goes on hiatus. Here is our brief overview of the last of the extraordinary Ripley’s stories.

The Last of the Extraordinary Stories

Episode 9, “Surviving the Odds,” was a mixture of fascinating inspiration. One of the most affecting stories centered around Bruce Cook. A young motorcycle competitor with Nitro Circus, who trained with Travis Pastrana to master a difficult bike maneuver, the front flip.

From the first time he performed the trick, he excelled nailing every landing and even going on to do double flips. However, when it came time to recreate his success in front of a live audience, things went horribly wrong. He suffered a terrible accident that left him paralyzed.

That didn’t stop him. After a short time of recuperation, he and his friend developed a cage-like device to keep him affixed to his bike so that he could perform again. He went back to the scene of his accident and landed a perfect flip against all odds.

Another highlight, magician Rick Maisel escaped from a washing machine while bound and shackled, believe it or not!

More from Bruce Campbell

On the season finale, “The Defiant Ones,” Daniel Kish who was blind from the age of one learns to ride his bike by using echolocation like a bat. While Harrison Okene survives a harrowing ordeal of being trapped in a boat that has sunk to the bottom of the seabed.

It is these types of stories that keep us riveted to our television sets each and every week and encourage us to overcome our personal obstacles.

What We Want to See in Season 2

While we have our fingers crossed here at 1428 Elm for a Season 2 renewal (make us happy, Travel Channel), we thought we would put together a quick list of things that we want to see next year on the series.

3. Travel to Other Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Locations

Bruce Campbell - What we expect - Inner Harbor Odditorium - Courtesy of Ripley's
Bruce Campbell – What we expect – Inner Harbor Odditorium – Courtesy of Ripley’s /

This year, we got to see Bruce Campbell in the famous Ripley’s Warehouse in Orlando, Florida. Now, we would like to see him do his wraparounds from other locations. Maybe each season, have him travel to a new Odditorium.

The Los Angeles location would be fun and maybe for old times sake, the show could go back to parent company, Discovery’s roots by shooting the series at the Baltimore Inner Harbor locale . It is also a good way to promote the brand as well.

2. History Segments

Bruce Campbell - What we expect 2 - Chang and Eng Bunker - Courtesy of Ripley's
Bruce Campbell – What we expect 2 – Chang and Eng Bunker – Courtesy of Ripley’s /

Perhaps Season 2 could feature one episode that deals with Ripley’s history. Maybe look at some interesting cases like Chang and Eng Bunker, the famous conjoined twins or anything that invokes nostalgia.

It would definitely appeal to the franchise’s older viewers who may remember the stories from their youth and it would also teach the younger crowd about subjects they may not have been exposed to. The need to explore the past is in vogue in the entertainment world, might as well capitalize on it.

1. The Adventures of Bruce

Bruce Campbell - What we expect 3 - Courtesy of Ripley's
Bruce Campbell – What we expect 3 – Courtesy of Ripley’s /

Bruce Campbell is a professional roamer if you follow him on Instagram, so why not have him actually go out of the studio and do a segment in person with one of the people who is being profiled? Since he took some of the performers with him to San Diego Comic Con this year and the panel discussion was a rousing success, it seems like this would be an exciting thing to do.

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Having him be face to face and interacting with some of the extraordinary individuals at the heart of Ripley’s stories would be must-see TV if you ask us.

What were your favorite Ripley’s segments from Season 1? Would you like to see Bruce Campbell go on location in Season 2? Let us know in the comments.