Oddity Files conjures up 6 haunted locations in Season 3

Oddity Files - Cover - Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan
Oddity Files - Cover - Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan /

The Oddity Files crew, Kitsie Duncan, Clayton Abbott and Carter Jostes are back and ready to conjure up 6 haunted locations on Amazon Prime in a sneak peek at Season 3.

The Oddity Files crew was kind enough to give us a sneak peek at Season 3 of their hit paranormal series on Amazon Prime. Kitsie Duncan, Clayton Abbott and Carter Jostes conjure up 6 haunted locations for our viewing pleasure.

Octagon Hall

In the promo, we go with Oddity Files to investigate Octagon Hall in Franklin, Kentucky. This is a landmark property in the state with quite a bit of history attached to it. Known for being haunted, the unusual house was constructed by Andrew Jackson Caldwell who was a known Confederate sympathizer.

When the Confederate capital of Bowling Green was evacuated, the soldiers camped out at the Hall with the officers bedding down in the house. This fact will play an important part in the ensuing paranormal investigation.

Days later, the Union army located where the Rebels had been staying. They ended up mistreating the Caldwells by killing their cattle and contaminating their water supply with the cattle carcasses in the wells. All of this was done to obtain information on the whereabouts of the Confederate soldiers who were already long gone from the property.

Back to the present day, Kitsie, Clayton and Carter eager to try out their new ghost hunting equipment, tackle this location. None of them felt any animosity or ill will from the spirits that were present. During an EVP session, Kitsie speaks to an entity named Ash who identifies himself as being a Confederate soldier.

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He tells the group that he isn’t alone and that there are six others in the room with him including an officer who introduces himself as Sam Nelson. Being curious, I decided to look this gentleman up to see if in fact he had been a member of the Confederate army.

Interestingly enough, two candidates came up in my research. The first Sam Nelson served in the Eleventh Calvary and was from Mississippi while the other Sam was from Arkansas. Definitely fascinating information to find.

Mitchell Opera House

We follow the crew to one of their next locations, Mitchell Opera House in Mitchell, Indiana. This location has a rich history. Once owned by the flamboyant Vaudeville, theatrical and film producer, Menlo E. Moore, he is credited with bringing culture to the area with acts that only wealthy people in the larger cities in the 1900s could afford to see.

His wife who was a former D.C. socialite, Arna Padgett was victimized by a powerful oil magnate named Charles Edward Gibson and then blackmailed with threats of ruining her reputation. Menlo found out what was happening and confronted the extortionist.

Moore shot him dead and then stood trial for the incident. He was found not guilty and was lauded as a hero for defending his wife’s virtue and other subsequent victims of Gibson.

Oddity Files - Amazon Prime - Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan
Oddity Files – Amazon Prime – Courtesy of Kitsie Duncan /

While conducting an EVP session in the House, Carter sees an apparition run across the back of the theater. Everyone in Oddity Files hears the footsteps. When Kitsie thanks the spirit for appearing, you can hear the response of “You’re Welcome,” and believe me it will give you chills.

Meanwhile, Clayton attempts to make contact with any other entities on the premises only to have almost been “jumped” by one. Jumped is a term that is used by mediums and psychics when an apparition attempts to take control of a living person’s body. Scary stuff and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

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Tune into Oddity Files on Amazon Prime. Season 3 is coming in the fall just in time for the spookiest holiday of the year.

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