Bruce Campbell: Could Gary “Captain” Green return to Lodge 49?


Bruce Campbell had a great story arc on AMC’s quirky hit dramedy, Lodge 49 which came to a momentous end in Season 1. However, could his character of Gary “Captain” Green reappear in the future?

Bruce Campbell had one of the more memorable roles on television last year when he appeared on AMC’s quirky hit dramedy, Lodge 49. For three episodes, he played larger than life, morally challenged real estate developer, Gary “Captain” Green. Now, we are into Season 2 and his character and the whole “Orbis Con” that went south has been mentioned but could he feasibly reappear in some fashion down the line?

If you haven’t seen this thought-provoking show yet, avert your eyes because there will be some spoilers ahead. Bruce’s portrayal of Captain was more subdued than what his fans are used to. Green was a man who was full of bravado on the outside but lonely and lost on the inside.

His reputation was an umbrella over Season 1 and the goal was to finally see this elusive figure. For Ernie Fontaine, a down on his luck plumbing supply salesman, Captain represented his Holy Grail and his ticket to the good life. All he needed was that critical deal with the man and everything would be golden.

As it turns out, his wish was granted but more than that, Gary wanted Ernie and his friend, Dud to become his partners in what would become a spectacular ruse to fool the city of Long Beach, the county, possibly the Mob and other shady parties. There was a huge stumbling block on the way to the gravy train payout of beaucoup bucks when a slightly deranged new member of the Lynx Lodge held the trio at gunpoint thinking they had sacred scrolls that could teach the lucky owner the secrets of alchemy.

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Of course, Captain, Ernie and Dud had nothing of the sort and the entire episode ended up being a farce with long reaching implications culminating with Campbell’s character becoming impaled on a narwhal statue in his pool.

Bruce Campbell
WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 01: Dr. Martin Nweeia (R) and Pamela Peeters (L) view narwhal tusks during a preview of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History’s new exhibit titled “Narwhal: Revealing an Arctic Legend” August 1, 2017 in Washington, DC. The exhibit features the narwhal’s relationship with Inuit culture and the rapidly changing Arctic environment. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images) /

Against all odds, Gary ended up surviving with the narwhal’s barb still hanging out of his eye socket. Now, the story that circulated and was mentioned briefly this year was that he was in a coma. And as Bruce noted himself in a Q & A session with AMC:

"“Never count the Captain out! He’s a survivor.”"

Now, I could make some speculation that because Bruce tweeted about Lodge 49 last week that it might mean something but I have learned my lesson. Although, the door is open for him to make a return. I don’t think it is going to happen this season but maybe the next?

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It would be great to see what Captain has been up to because I have the feeling he was never really in a coma. Who knows? Only writer and executive producer Jim Gavin and if we’re lucky, maybe at some point, we will find out!

Have you been watching Lodge 49 this season? Do you want Bruce Campbell to return? Let us know in the comments.