Ghost Releases Chapter 8: Kiss the Go-Goat and new songs!


In a surprise release, Ghost gives fans “Chapter 8: Kiss the Go-Goat” and a new awesome song to chew on as their tour kicks into gear.

Ghost has become the masters of announcements with their Chapter video releases. It would be so easy to just drop a press release into our laps with some information and bippity-boppity-boopity, we’re done. But that isn’t what Ghost is about, no-no. Ghost is theatrical and they sneaked up and gave us a branch new Chapter video, complete with a new song. I present, Chapter 8: Kiss the Go-Goat.

This video was about the relationship between Papa Nihil and the newly recast Sister Imperator. Cardinal Copia is merely mentioned as Papa Nihil doesn’t know what Sister sees in Cardi C. Sister doesn’t like to be challenged and we are taken back in time to the late ’60s to see a young Papa Nihil, played by the hilarious Justin Andrews, showing off his wicked dance moves while performing and royally pissing off Sister. This ’69 performance was their break up (at least one of them) while Sister was possibly pregnant but with who??

Papa Nihil suggests they release a 50th anniversary special of their Ghost album, 7 Inches of Satanic Panic. Please, Lucifer, let that be the title of the next album. The song, “Kiss the Go-Goat.” might be one of my favorite songs they have released since Meliora.

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This song is like if Wellington Wells was Satanic kind of vibe and I dig it hard. It has that Roky Erickson, 60’s rock sound that fits so well with Ghost’s style. Tobias Forge’s voice in this sounds better than ever and all the thirsty fangirls are going to want to kiss the go-goat.

Justin Andrews did such an awesome job as young Papa Nihil, as usual, and I am happy to see a lot more of him in this chapter video. There was no blatant announcement made in Chapter 8, but I think this was for the release of the song more than anything.

More than that, Ghost is releasing two songs, including “Kiss the Go-Goat,” from their 1969 archive and Seven Inches of Satanic Panic. This may be some of the best songs they have ever made and Tobias REALLY shows his chops in this. I have never heard his voice sound better.

There is also speculation that the lead guitarist next to young Papa Nihil is actually. He said he has always just wanted to be the guitarist, and this gives him the chance.

As Ghost begins their third US tour in less than two years, I can’t wait to see what other tricks they have up their sleeves. If you’re new to Ghost, check out our favorite songs for noobs.

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What did you think of the new Chapter 8 video? What the song “Ghost” enough? Let us know in the comments!