Kiss the Go-Goat might be Ghost’s best song; sorry, not sorry


The new Ghost songs are out! “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary on a Cross” have been released and this is the best music that they have ever made.

Ghost surprise released a new video, Chapter 8: Kiss the Go-Goat, and we are sitting there watching and waiting for what the announcement might be. Little did we know the announcement was not one but two new songs in a special release called 7 Inches of Satanic Panic. I am going to say this now and I refuse to apologize for it so all you metal purists out there can save your breath: this may be the best song that Ghost has ever done. Initiate mic drop.

This is not a drill and I am not joking. Ghost is no stranger to exploring musical genres without ever leaving their signature sound. They have been compared to Judas Priest, they have been accused of selling out and being pop stars (false) and now they have dipped their toes into psychedelic rock and I have never heard Tobias Forge sound better.

God, I can already hear people sharpening their pitchforks about this one but I am serious. I believe Ghost can do anything. They can do a cover of “Turkey in the Straw” and people are going to rock the hell out but this is on another level.

Ghost has been known to cover music from similar eras: they covered The Beatles and Roky Erickson, but this is psychedelic rock with a Satanic spin. The music is just a ton of fun!

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More than the “Kiss the Go-Goat” being a blast to listen to, Tobias shows a vocal range that he doesn’t normally get to show off in the average From the lowest lows when discussing Satan to the highest of “Whoas!” I cannot find a single thing about this song that I don’t like.

I have had it stuck in my head since I released in the chapter video and now you can pre-order the 2-song vinyl on the Ghost website (although as of writing this it is already sold out, for now). First it was the $90 Prequelle Exalted edition and now the ’69 Archives. The other song included is called “Mary on a Cross” and it is JUST as good as “Kiss the Go-Goat.”

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After this week, I can’t wait to see what more Ghost has to offer. Forge had mentioned going back to the band’s roots with the next album and, while I do love the old albums because they are fantastic, I can’t help but wish we had an entire album of Satanic psychedelic rock, Ghost style because I think this is where they shine. Horns high, everyone, ’cause this friggin’ rocks!

What do you think of “Kiss the Go-Goat” and “Mary on a Cross”? Are you digging the new Ghost sound or should they go back to their roots? Let us know in the comments!