The Last Kids on Earth: Surviving the apocalypse in a new video game

Photo: Last Kids on Earth (CNW Group/Thunderbird Entertainment Group Inc.)
Photo: Last Kids on Earth (CNW Group/Thunderbird Entertainment Group Inc.) /

The Last Kids on Earth are getting ready to take over the planet. Atomic Cartoons, Cyber Group Studios and Outright Games have teamed up and a video game is on the way!

The Last Kids on Earth debuted on Sept. 17 on Netflix to favorable reviews. Four teens banding together to survive the aftermath of the apocalypse sounds a little bit like The Walking Dead light, don’t you think? Fighting hordes of zombies and monsters while trying to navigate around your hometown to get supplies is a sure way to provide some heart stopping moments for the viewing audience!

Nick Wolfhard stars as Jack Sullivan, the leader of the ragtag group of heroes. Garland Whitt plays his best friend, Quint who is the scientific genius of the bunch. Rounding out this exceptional cast is Charles Demers as reformed school bully, Dirk and Montse Hernandez as Jack’s tough girl crush, June.

All of these actors are incredibly talented and gel together so well which makes everyone who tunes in feel like they are watching a family. It’s hard not to get invested with this team!

If you loved the series of bestselling books by Max Brallier and can’t wait to see more of the animated series, Atomic Cartoons which produces the Netflix show has you covered. According to Thunderbird Entertainment Group’s press release, a video game is in the works and will be available by 2021!

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That’s not all. In addition to being able to play as the heroes on consoles and PC, there will be action figures, activity toys, role-play accessories, vehicles, plush toys, novelty items, games and play electronics. The entire line of The Last Kids on Earth merchandise will make it to store shelves in 2020 just in time for Seasons 2 and 3 to hit Netflix.

There will even be an interactive episode which sounds pretty awesome. We will also get to meet the rest of the impressive ensemble of actors voicing characters on the show.

Mark Hamill will be portraying Bartle who is one of the many upcoming monsters that viewers will meet. Legendary comedienne, Catherine O’Hara is Skelka who was part of the original book series but will play a much more significant role in the TV program.

Cult hero, Bruce Campbell is onboard voicing a character named Shep that was expressly created for him while Keith David takes on the persona of Thrull. A creature that will definitely play a pivotal role.

Cybergroup Studios in conjunction with Outright Games and Atomic Cartoons will partner together to create the best possible video game to thrill the legions of The Last Kids on Earth fans. According to Terry Malham who is the CEO of Outright Games, the show has “all the hallmarks of a successful franchise – comedy, adventure, friendship and fun!”

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Stay tuned for a 2020 series premiere date from Netflix in the near future. Until then, the 66-minute pilot is currently available on the streaming giant.

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