Travel Channel asks what celebrity would you take on a ghost hunt?

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Travel Channel recently asked several of their paranormal investigators what celebrities they would like to bring on a ghost hunt. We have the details!

In the spirit of Halloween, Travel Channel reached out to their paranormal investigators with the question, “What celebrity would you like to take on a ghost hunt?” Needless to say, the answers they received were very interesting.

One actor in particular, was mentioned several times. Oddly enough, he played a “ghostbuster” and he used to have a television series dedicated to supernatural events. If you haven’t guessed by now, Dan Aykroyd!

From 1996 until 2000, Aykroyd was the host of PSI Factor, a series about scientists who routinely investigated otherworldly phenomenon. It is also no secret that Hans Holzer’s work was the inspiration behind his script for Ghostbusters.

According to the press release, Dave Schrader of The Holzer Files and Haunted Salem: Live chose the actor to be his partner in an investigation because Dan comes from a long line of paranormal researchers and investigators. Amy Bruni of Kindred Spirits as well as Jason Hawes of Ghost Nation echoed their colleague’s sentiments.

Hawes’ partner, Steve Gonsalves also chose Aykroyd however, he mentioned a certain thespian who is quite well-known for dispatching demons with a chainsaw. Yes, Ash Williams himself, Bruce Campbell.

What makes Gonsalves’ choice fascinating is that two years ago, Campbell held auditions for a reality show where the contestants would spend the night in a haunted house with him. Unfortunately, that idea never came to fruition.

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Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures would rather take one of his die-hard fans along on a hunt instead of a celebrity. Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan who tackles the occasional bizarre topic on his show was the favorite of Jack Osbourne (Portals to Hell) and Tanner Wiseman (Destination Fear). Jack’s co-host Katrina Weidman would rather work with national treasure, Golden Girl, Betty White!

Ghost Brother Dalen Spratt apparently has a crush on Rihanna. In his words this is why she was his top choice, “it’s the only way I’m going to get a date with her!” Dave Tango (Ghost Nation) feels that A-Lister Tom Hanks would be up for the challenge of dealing with the spirit realm.

While Billy Tolley (Ghost Adventures) would request Morgan Freeman. You can’t go wrong with that selection because he is known for portraying God in various movies.

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There is another week of Travel Channel’s “Ghostober” left. Make sure to catch the premiere of Destination Fear this Saturday at 10 p.m.

If you had a Travel Channel show, what celebrity would you want to take on a paranormal investigation? Let us know in the comments.