Project Blue Book: 5 vital moments from The Roswell Incident Pt. 2

Neal McDonough as General James Harding in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” Season two premieres Tues. January 21 at 10/9c.. Photo by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORYCopyright 2020
Neal McDonough as General James Harding in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” Season two premieres Tues. January 21 at 10/9c.. Photo by Eduardo Araquel/HISTORYCopyright 2020 /

Project Blue Book started off Season 2 by heading back to New Mexico where the UFO cover up began. In The Roswell Incident Part II, a revelation is made and the world may never be the same again…

Project Blue Book reopened the Roswell case file in last week’s episode to try and track down a potential whistleblower who was prepared to reveal the truth of what happened in 1947. After an alien craft crashes in the middle of town, Hynek, Quinn and Harding race to the scene to investigate the site.

This is the beginning of a very harrowing time for General Harding. The Roswell Incident Part II is Neal McDonough’s tour de force.

We get a glimpse inside the “good soldier” façade to see the man beneath who wrestles with his conscience and ethics on a daily basis. As events unfold and a huge revelation is made, Hynek and Quinn get closer to the truth and so do we.

Here are 5 vital moments from Project Blue Book:The Roswell Incident Part II that will set everything in motion for the entire upcoming season. Proceed with caution because there will be spoilers…

The Second Coming in Roswell

Is it happening all over again? Harding, Hynek and Quinn get the report of a downed aircraft in the middle of town. Fearing the worst, they rush to the scene.

Upon reaching the UFO, Hynek knows exactly what he’s seeing. Much to Harding’s dismay, the Professor approaches the craft to be greeted by Duncan Booker emerging from the smoke of the wreckage.

Booker wants Harding to come clean about what really happened in Roswell in 1947. If he doesn’t then Booker will go forward with his plan of revealing what he knows.

While Duncan is being carted off to the base in the custody of the military police, he drops a bombshell. He has a piece of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon that crashed.

Underneath the Tree

At the end of The Roswell Incident Part I, we found out that a former Air Force officer named Terry was at the second crash site. He gave Quinn and Hynek directions to the place where he buried an alien that he had shot.

The duo finds the grave and recovers the remains. While this is occurring, Harding and another officer are waterboarding Booker with the hope that he will tell them where to find the piece of the wreckage.

To avoid more torture, Duncan asks Harding to cut a check leaving the impression that all he wanted was a payday. The General agrees and in turn, Booker will accompany him to a live broadcast at the television station in town to state that he perpetrated a hoax.

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Cut to Quinn and Hynek who take the extraterrestrial body to a local mortician. He examines the bones and determines that they are not human.

After that revelation, the mortician then proceeds to tell Hynek and Quinn that he provided the Air Force with 5 child sized coffins for the alien bodies that were taken from the crash. He then proceeds to tell them that while he was on the airbase, he talked with a nurse who led him to an examination room where an alien autopsy was being performed.

The Truth Is in the Footage

Hynek and Quinn manage to get a key to the sealed Records Office. Once inside, they find the personnel file from 1947 to locate the nurse that the mortician spoke with to corroborate his story about the autopsy.

After determining that most of the names on the list weren’t the person they were looking for, the Professor locates Judy. As it turns out, Duncan’s estranged girlfriend was the nurse on duty on the night in question.

However, they find out that she is actually married to Booker which is how they track her down. Before she can leave for the television station, Hynek and Quinn get her to speak with them.

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They find out that she possesses film of the autopsy. Both men review it. Quinn decides to warn General Harding about what he has confiscated. In the meantime, he asks that Allen watch Judy so that she doesn’t vacate the premises while he returns to the base.

Quinn manages to locate Harding right as he is leaving for the TV station. He shows him the footage container which turns out to have a pack of cigarettes inside because Hynek kept the film.

Enraged, Quinn goes back to Judy’s house and confronts his partner by punching him in the face. But there are bigger problems in front of the duo. Judy has set off for the station armed with the film. Allen and Michael race after her to prevent a pending disaster.

You Can’t Expose the Truth by Using a Lie

By the time Quinn and Hynek arrive at the station, the broadcast is beginning. What they see happening before their eyes is Booker going on the air and telling the public how Harding bribed him for his silence.

Shocked, Harding sees his career flash before his eyes as his misconduct is brought out into the open. Panicking, the General goes ballistic and takes out a camera halting the proceedings long enough for Hynek to let him know that his appearance didn’t get aired.

The Professor cut the switchboard. He noted that the footage in the film was fake and re-enacted on the soundstage at the studio. Booker tries to defend himself by saying that they were depicting true events.

Both Judy and her husband get carted away by the military police.

Aliens Are Not What They Seem

After the fiasco at the TV station, Harding and Valentine are watching the alien autopsy film. When it finishes, Valentine “reminds” his counterpart of what the aliens really were.

He tells Harding that it was terrible what Dr. Mengele (the infamous Nazi war criminal) did to those Russian children. The ruse for the recovered alien bodies is that they were actually kids who were disfigured and used by the Soviets as part of a failed spy attempt.

Tune into next week’s episode where Project Blue Book delves into the mysterious Area 51.

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