The CW ditches the Frog sisters for yet another revamped Lost Boys pilot

A revamped version of The CW’s now-infamous reboot of The Lost Boys has been ordered to pilot yet again. Will it makes it to series this time?

The CW has ordered a new pilot of the redeveloped version of Rob Thomas’s reboot of The Lost Boys, reports TVLine. If that headline sounds familiar, it’s because it is. The CW has been trying to make a television series based on the 1987 cult flick, The Lost Boys, for several years now.

The original iteration would have starred Teen Wolf‘s Tyler Posey and Kiele Sanchez but has long since been altered. TVLine asserts that about 40% of the latest version has been rewritten.

The new series logline states that the show will be about a mother and her Gen Z sons as they move back to the seaside town where she grew up. While there, they discover that the popular kids have a tendency to sleep all day and party all night, and they never seem to age. The brothers will find themselves on opposite sides of an ancient battle.

It should be noted that this is markedly different from one of the older versions that said the new show would follow the “Frog sisters,” as 1428 Elm previously reported.

Keep in mind that while The CW has ordered an updated pilot, that doesn’t mean The Lost Boys is officially ago at the network. Also in contention for a series pickup is Arrow spin-off, Green Arrow and the Canaries, and the prequel to The 100, titled Anaconda.

The CW recently renewed nearly all of its current series so they don’t have much room on their roster for next season.

While their flagship DCTV series, Arrow, recently wrapped up for good, they don’t have much room in their schedule for a bunch of new shows.

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What do you think about the possibility of a new show based on The Lost Boys? Do you hope that The CW orders the show to series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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