Unlucky in Vegas: The mystery of the Nevada Triangle

E367077. 04/04/00. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in the Nevada Desert. Picture by DAN CALLISTER Online USA Inc
E367077. 04/04/00. Las Vegas, Nevada. The Luxor Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip in the Nevada Desert. Picture by DAN CALLISTER Online USA Inc /

You may not have heard of the Nevada Triangle but more people disappear in the area between Las Vegas, Reno and Fresno each year. What’s really going on? Could it be aliens or weather anomalies?

The Nevada Triangle is a phenomenon that not too many people know about outside of the Sin City area. Las Vegas may be a lucky town but for some individuals it is anything but that.

According to George Knapp and the I-Team at News 8, it is estimated that over the course of six decades, 2000 planes have disappeared between Las Vegas, Reno and Fresno. Apparently, that is a kin to 3 or more crafts missing per month. A sobering statistic when you think about it.

Everyone knows about the Bermuda Triangle and the Dragon’s Triangle. Travel Channel even has a show that focuses on the Alaska Triangle. What exactly goes on in these areas? Could it be a vortex or some sort of earthbound black hole? An electromagnetic disturbance?

When famed missing aviator Steve Follett’s plane wreckage was found in 2008 after he had been missing for over a year, meteorologists couldn’t blame it on forceful downdrafts. On the day that he left on Sept. 3, 2007, the winds in the Mammoth Mountain area were only ranging from 1 mph to 15 mph.

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The interesting part to note about the Nevada Triangle is that it doesn’t just claim small passenger planes. Apparently, a B-24 Bomber crashed in the troubled terrain. However, according to David Paulides who has investigated many vanishings having to do with the area, he found that within the Triangle there is one location which is a hotbed for mysterious disappearances.

Yosemite National Park is a place where the number of missing persons each year is exorbitant. Now, one could argue that hikers get lost, etc. which is true. However, majority of these cases involve no tracks, scent trails for dogs to follow and most importantly, no witnesses.

Area 51 happens to be in the vicinity but it is highly unlikely that the government facility has anything to do with vanishing aircraft and individuals. Of course, this leads to wild speculation as to the cause behind everything which ranges from claims of alien abductions to Bigfoot.

We may never know what is causing people to go missing in the Nevada Triangle. It may remain a mysterious legend…

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What do you think is causing planes and people to vanish into thin air in the Nevada Triangle? Let us know your theories in the comments.