Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones: Facebook Watch’s new series is a fast-paced and chilling investment worthy of your time

Photo: Sacred Lies season 2.. Image Courtesy Facebook Watch
Photo: Sacred Lies season 2.. Image Courtesy Facebook Watch /

Sacred Lies returns to Facebook Watch this Thursday with a new story called The Singing Bones. Don’t miss it, especially if you like crime thrillers!

I never thought I would get to see Pam and Jason from True Blood reunited but fast-forward to this Thursday, February 20 and that dream is coming true with the return of Facebook Watch‘s chilling series, Sacred Lies.

The second season of the anthology series, titled The Singing Bones, follows a new cast and storyline. You don’t need to have seen season one to catch up with The Singing Bones, but the first season is streaming now if you want to catch up!

Inspiration for The Singing Bones comes from a Brothers Grimm short story of the same name along with a few real-life murder cases. Raelle Tucker, who was a writer on True Blood, has invited some of her old friends like Ryan Kwanten and Kristin Bauer to star. Additional cast members include Juliette Lewis, Kimiko Glenn, Emily Alyn Lind, and newcomer Jordan Alexander.

In the first episode, we’re introduced to Kwanten’s character Peter, and his young daughter, Elsie. Peter asks a nice waitress at a roadside diner if she’ll keep tabs on Elsie while he gets his truck towed. That’s the last time Elsie sees her father until many years later.

Elsie shuffles from one foster home to the next before she gets placed into Shannon’s (Bauer) home and discovers that Peter has been serving time in prison for child abandonment.

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On the other hand, we have Lewis’s character, Harper, who is obsessed with an armchair detective website that keeps tabs on missing women, or Jane Does. She manages to reopen a cold case in the first episode by leading the police to a new discovery of the Cherry Falls Jane Does, two sisters who both died under mysterious circumstances.

We don’t find out how Elsie and Harper’s stories connect until the second episode, but it’s an intense twist.

I admit that I didn’t watch the first season of the show, but I was compelled to try season two because of the True Blood connections and my love of all things crime. The show doesn’t disappoint.

Harper’s character is particularly interesting because she serves as the audience viewpoint, in a way. One detective, agitated by her poking around in old cases, keeps questioning her motives and wondering if she has a podcast. The series has taken inspiration from the recent true crime obsession that is particularly prevalent in the podcast world. Harper is the kind of person that many of us want to be, the one that gets their chance to solve a real crime despite not being an actual detective.

Sacred Lies
Photo: Sacred Lies season 2.. Image Courtesy Facebook Watch /

Her role in Elsie’s life, which becomes evident the longer you watch,  is a compelling one as it adds a real human and grounded twist to the show. It’s basically like if you plucked a popular podcast host and dropped them into a real crime setting (and no Harper doesn’t have a podcast, but there are apparent similarities).

What I also appreciated about The Singing Bones is its quick pace. Each episode is only about 30 minutes, and the time flies by, the storytelling is well-paced. I found pacing could be something of an issue in Facebook Watch’s previous crime series, Limetown, but it’s much better this time.

I found myself very engaged in the story by the end of the first episode, and even more so when the grander scope of the story arc gets revealed in episode two. Each chapter gives you more questions, which makes you progress quickly to the next chapter.

If you enjoy thrillers, and especially crime thrillers, then don’t miss out on season two of Sacred Lies. There are some phenomenal performances and a genuinely compelling mystery at the epicenter of this new set of episodes.

Scared Lies is also part of Blumhouse’s television division. Blumhouse Television has earned critical acclaim and several awards in the past for their previous projects, such as The Normal Heart and The Jinx.

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The first three episodes of Sacred Lies: The Singing Bones will become available on Facebook starting on Thursday, Feb. 20 at 3 p.m. ET. From then on, a new episode will premiere each Thursday until the finale on April 9.