The Auteur: Everything we know about Taika Waititi’s horror-comedy

Showtime is ordering a new horror-comedy series from the mind of Taika Waititi that will star Jude Law. Here’s everything we know so far.

Fresh off of his first Academy Award win, director and writer Taika Waititi will helm a new Showtime horror-comedy series called The Auteur, based on the graphic novel of the same name, reports Deadline. The following article details everything we know so far.

Jude Law will star

The only casting announcement made for the series thus far is Jude Law. He will star in his first horror role in some time. The last movie Law was in that could be considered a “horror” was the 2011 thriller, Contagion.

Law is a respected actor with multiple award nominations under his belt. While he hasn’t frequented the horror genre, he has done several comedy projects in his time and appeared in several genre projects like the Fantastic Beasts trilogy, Captain Marvel, and Sherlock Holmes. He recently received critical acclaim for his performance in The Young Pope.

The story

Based on a graphic novel, The Auteur is described as a “twisted romance” and “biting satire.” The plotline sounds quite lucrative, but considering the premise of Taika Waititi’s Oscar-award winning film, Jojo Rabbit, also had a wild and somewhat controversial idea behind it, the project is likely in good hands.

The story will follow a film producer on a downward spiral who is desperate to revitalize his career. He aims to make a new fantastic horror movie after one of the worst Hollywood box office bombs in history. Unfortunately for his cast and crew, the producer winds up hiring a serial killer and trapping his production on set with him.

Taika Waititi has done horror-comedy before

This Showtime project won’t be the first time Waititi has dipped his toes into the horror-comedy pond. He and his long-time collaborator Jemaine Clement created the hilarious and popular mockumentary-style film, What We Do in the Shadows.

Waititi served as a writer, star, director, and producer on the project and continues to work on the FX television series of it, too. He has experience in this genre so it will be exciting to see what he comes up with The Auteur.

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What do you think about a Taika Waititi horror comedy on Showtime? What do you hope to see from the series? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. 

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