Mallrats 2: Did Kevin Smith confirm a part for Bruce Campbell?

Bruce Campbell is going to be very busy after the COVID-19 quarantine is over. Apparently, Kevin Smith “confirms” that he has written a role for the actor in Twilight of the Mallrats.

Bruce Campbell is going to be a very busy man after the COVID-19 quarantine has ended. The internet is working overtime on this one. Not only could he secure a gig in Sam Raimi’s upcoming Doctor Strange 2 flick but apparently, Kevin Smith has something for the actor as well.

In January, the director and Bruce went back and forth on Twitter about Campbell possibly having a role in Twilight of the Mallrats. Apparently, a couple of days ago on Smith’s podcast, FatMan Beyond, the filmmaker opened up about the plot of his Mallrats sequel.

According to Movie Web, the script that Smith has been diligently working on while in self-isolation will touch on the pandemic and the implosion of malls. The future of many well-known retail chains’ brick and mortar stores has been shaky for years since most people prefer shopping online.

However, even after the social distancing edict is lifted, consumers may be reluctant to return to large venues. This could be the end of the mall culture as we know it.

Just how would Bruce Campbell fit into this scenario? Since Brodie’s hero, Stan Lee passed away, he is going to need someone else to look up to and that someone could be Campbell. Since the character’s favorite film is Evil Dead 2 and he digs Ash Williams.

Here is what Kevin Smith had to say:

A show-stopping monologue? That has Campbell’s name all over it.

As with anything, while Smith has confirmed the role for Bruce exists, it looks like Clerks 3 might be the venture that will hit the silver screen first. So, keep your eyes peeled because this story isn’t over.

Until Twilight of the Mallrats comes to fruition, you can catch Bruce Campbell in The Last Kids on Earth Book 2 airing on Netflix on Apr. 17.

Would you be down for Bruce Campbell to make an appearance in Kevin Smith’s Mallrats 2? Let us know in the comments.