Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies & Cover-Up review: The search for Don Lewis

Joe Exotic. Tiger King. Image Courtesy of NETFLIX
Joe Exotic. Tiger King. Image Courtesy of NETFLIX /
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Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies & Cover-Up
Donna Pettis, daughter of Don Lewis (Photo by O. Jones/Getty Images) /

***There may be some small SPOILERS ahead, so tread cautiously.***

Throughout everything, Maldonado-Passage has maintained his innocence stating that he was railroaded by the system. Judging by the way that the investigation into his misdeeds was handled, he might have a shot at being pardoned. At least, that is what Team Tiger is hoping for.

Team Tiger is a group that was formed by Joe’s lawyer, Francisco Hernandez, Jeff Hoover, his co-counsel, private investigators and former law enforcement officers, Jim Rathmann and Eric Love. Anne Patrick, Maldonado-Passage’s presidential campaign manager and close friend is also involved.

One of the goals of the team is to prove that there was collusion between Carole Baskin and Jeff Lowe (Joe’s former business partner) to put him in prison by setting him up with a murder for hire scheme. Basically, the $3,000 in question that was paid to Lowe’s friend, Allen Glover (that he claims was the payment for “services” rendered), in fact, was Joe paying Glover to go back home to the Carolinas because the pair couldn’t stand one another.

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Perhaps, the most important task at hand is to find Don Lewis. Was he murdered? If so, where is the body?

Jim Rathmann, through extensive investigation manages to uncover the possible outcomes of Carole Baskin’s husband.

  • Did he fly to Costa Rica (as Baskin infers) to have a liaison with a mistress?
  • Is his body in a lake outside of one of his homes in Brandon, Florida?
  • Was his corpse run through a meat grinder and then fed to the cats at Carole’s Rescue?
  • Could he be buried underneath a septic tank on her property?
  • What, if anything did the Dixie Mafia have to do with Don’s disappearance? Was he murdered in a residence in Central Florida?

And lastly, they would like to see Joe get a Presidential pardon as a result of their efforts.


Tune into Joe Exotic: Tigers, Lies & Cover-Up on the ID Channel, Sept. 27 beginning at 9 p.m. to find out the answers to the above questions and to see whether or not Maldonado-Passage can be exonerated for his crimes.

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