Hell’s Half Acre takes us to an abandoned prison in exclusive clip

Hell's Half Acre - Courtesy Terror Films
Hell's Half Acre - Courtesy Terror Films /

Terror Films is bringing us another found footage-style horror film with Hell’s Half Acre. The film will receive worldwide release later this month.

Horror fans will mostly know Terror Films by their most popular horror offerings: the Hell House LLC trilogy and The Taking of Deborah Logan. They are also behind two more recent films that 1428 Elm gave positive reviews, The Andy Baker Tape and CRAM.

Terror Film’s Hell House LLC is even receiving a fourth film, Hell House LLC Origins: The Carmichael Manor. That highly anticipated movie has just begun production.

Hell’s Half Acre is directed by John Patrick Tomasek, and follows a group of urban explorers as they travel to and visit abandoned locations. Of course they do this for their YouTube channel, called Strange and Abandoned Places. Anxious to gain new subscribers and sponsors, the group, led by Marcus, visit the old abandoned Rockland Heights Prison.

Hell's Half Acre
Hell’s Half Acre – Courtesy Terror Film /

Unlike the other locations the group has explored in the past, the prison turns out to be not only physically dangerous, but also may contain some demonic entities. The scary activity begins as soon as they arrive, and they find themselves having to fight for their lives as the dangerous events escalate.

Hell’s Half Acre is a Distant Star Films production that features Quinn Nehr, Brynn Veveridge and Omar Vegga, Jr. It also features music by Death Metal band VORE, with an original score by Ramesh Kumar Kannan.

Of writing and directing Hell’s Half Acre, John Patrick Tomasek says:

"My vision for Hell’s Half Acre while directing it is that I wanted the audience not to know what was coming next with some key plot twists, keeping them engaged and entertained. I also wanted the audience to connect with this group of young urban explorers that ultimately end up at an abandoned prison completely unprepared for the evil awaiting them."

Hell’s Half Acre will be available on demand April 28. You can watch an exclusive clip here:

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