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It's been a long time coming, but in just two days, fans will finally get to see the highly anticipated second season of the PLL reboot series. On May 9, the first two episodes of Pretty Little Liars: Summer School are set to drop on Max, and we can hardly contain our excitement!

Since it's been over a year since the first season came out, you probably don’t remember everything that happened. That’s why you have us at 1428 Elm to help you out.

Below, we gave a breakdown of how Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin ended and shared some key things to remember about the show. That way, when the second season drops, you’ll be ready to dive right into the new episodes without there being any confusion.

Spoilers ahead from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin

What is Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin about?

The first season of the teen slasher series centers around a group of teen girls who become targeted by a mysterious person calling themselves "A." We find out later in the season that the reason they're being tormented is because of their mothers' past actions that resulted in the death of a classmate twenty years ago and because of their own sins. A's goal is to avenge the classmate's death and make everyone who was involved pay for their sins, including their offspring.

6 main characters die in the first season

  • Davie Adams - Davie dies in the first episode. She commits suicide after receiving an ominous message on a flier from the Y2K party from A. She decided to end her life because she felt guilty about her treatment of Angela Waters when they were teens. She knows she played a part in Angela's death.
  • Karen Beasley - Karen dies in episode 2. As Imogen is crowned Spirit Queen, Karen prepares to pour a bucket of red paint on her from the balcony, but A pushes her off the rafters before she can. She goes tumbling to her death. A killed her because she was a bully.
  • Tyler - Tyler is killed by A in episode 5. A doesn't like bullies, and after witnessing Tyler bully Tabby at Imogen's Halloween Party, he makes it his mission to end him. As Tyler is in the restroom at the party, A follows him and strangles him with the shower curtain before throwing him into his van. He dies by asphyxiation.
  • Crazy Joe - It's unclear if Crazy Joe died by suicide or at the hands of A, but what we do know is that he left a note saying that "Angela Waters did not die in vain." This note could've been staged by A, though. He dies by hanging in episode 8.
  • Sheriff Beasley - Sheriff Beasley managed to survive after his wife stabbed him in the stomach area for threatening their daughter. But in the season 1 finale, A finds him recovering in the hospital and stabs him to death.
  • Chip - Remember A doesn't like bullies or sexual predators, and since Chip sexually assaulted two people, A wants him dead. After A escapes from the hospital, he shows up at Chip's doorstep and lunges at him with a knife. Although we never actually see Chip dead, it's implied that A killed him. His death happens at the end of the season 1 finale.

Angela Waters dies by suicide in the first episode. At the Y2K party in 1999, Angela was desperately asking for help, but everyone was ignoring her at the party, including Davie and her crew. She becomes so distressed that she takes her own life by throwing herself off the rafters and jumping to her death. Also, a Millwood High janitor is killed in the first episode by A after he finds A's lair at the school. A slits his throat.

Who ends up together?

All of these couples go through their ups and downs throughout the first season, but they end up together in the season 1 finale.

  • Mouse and Ash
  • Faran and Henry
  • Noa and Shawn
  • Kelly and Greg

Imogen and Tabby do not end up with anyone at the end of season 1. Imogen caught feelings for Chip, but he ended up being a bad guy so that didn't work out. Also, Tabby was still working through the sexual assault she experienced, so she wasn't looking for a relationship in season 1.

A is revealed to be Angela's twin brother

In the season 1 finale, Imogen and Co are forced to go to Millwood High because A is holding their mothers captive. As they walk into the school's auditorium, they see their moms tied up while sitting in chairs. They rush to rescue them but are stopped once they see A. They ask A if he's Angela's brother, but before he can even say anything, Principal Clayton suddenly appears and tells the girls that they're correct. A is Angela's twin brother, and his name is Archie. Principal Clanton even reveals to them that he's Angela and Archie's father. He and Archie were working together to avenge Angela's death.

They planned to kill the mothers because they were the reason why Angela committed suicide. Back in the '90s, the mothers had all the students at Millwood High ignoring and pretending Angela didn't exist, which led Angela to commit suicide. Since Davie killed herself before A and Principal Clanton could, they planned to punish Imogen instead for her mother's sins. After learning this information, Imogen runs away as A follows after her.

Kelly and Greg run into the auditorium to stop A and Principal Clanton, but Greg gets shot in the shoulder. While all this is going on, Tabby knocks Principal Clanton over the head with a plaque and is able to put a stop to him. The girls are then able to rescue their mothers. Meanwhile, Imogen manages to get the upper hand in her tussle with A and stabs him multiple times until he gives up on attacking her. The next scene shows Imogen in the hospital, sleeping after just having her baby. She wakes up and finds out from Tabby that A is still alive and recovering in the hospital, as well as Sheriff Beasley. She also finds out that Principal Clanton and Chip were arrested.

Flash forward to Christmas Day and all the girls, their significant others, and their mothers are celebrating the holiday together. Noa's mom reveals to everyone that she'll be checking into rehab soon and all the other mothers tell her that they'll take care of Noa while she's gone. Faren's mother tells everyone that she'll be staying in Millwood permanently and Mouse's moms reveal that their working on their marriage by going to couple's therapy.

Later on that night, Imogen and Tabby find out from Faren's mom that Chip made bail and is back at home. They tell her that they want to press charges for what he did.

Who sexually assaulted Imogen and Tabby?

So, what did Chip do exactly? In the season 1 finale, we find out that Chip was the person who sexually assaulted Imogen and Tabby. Imogen and Tabby confront Chip while he's working at the Orpheum and he reveals why he did what he did. He tells Tabby that he sexually assaulted her because she didn't want to be with him. He explains that he did it because he wanted to be closer to her. When it comes to Imogen, he did what he did because he was mad that Tabby rejected him. He left Karen's party after Tabby rejected him to go cool down and noticed a passed-out Imogen at the beach. Since she was inebriated, he took advantage of her.

Chip is the father of Imogen's baby

The night that Chip took advantage of Imogen at the beach was the night Imogen's baby was conceived. Imogen finds out that Chip is the father of her baby after comparing his DNA sample to the baby's DNA. The samples ended up coming back a match, confirming that Chip is the biological father.

Here are some other things from Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin that you should remember:

  • The man who attempted to abduct Mouse when she was a little girl was her biological father. However, when she goes to visit him as a teenager, he sends her away.
  • Sheriff Beasley sexually assaulted Angela Waters back when they were teens. This is why A killed him in the season 1 finale.
  • A escaped from the hospital in the season 1 finale, and he's still alive at the end of the season.
  • The adoptive parents of Imogen's baby are revealed to be Aria and Ezra from the original series.

Get ready because Pretty Little Liars: Summer School is slated to premiere on Max on May 9!

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