Interview with the Vampire and Pretty Liars return, plus more new horror this week, May 6

The Pretty Little Liars face off against a new stalker and Armand enters the picture in Interview with the Vampire.
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. Cr: WBTV
Pretty Little Liars: Summer School. Cr: WBTV /

Every week, we check out the latest horror offerings coming to VOD, streaming, and in theaters to provide recommendations on what to watch. The first full week of May kicks off with a strong start on the television side of things, with new seasons of Pretty Little Liars and Interview with the Vampire, plus an adaptation of Blake Crouch's popular sci-fi thriller novel Dark Matter.

Pretty Little Liars: Summer School (May 9, Max)

Tapping into the summer season ahead, this horror-centric Pretty Little Liars spinoff returns for its highly anticipated second season on Max, premiering with the first two episodes on Thursday, May 9, followed by one episode a week. As if summer school wasn't bad enough, a new villain is out to get our quintet. With her face wrapped in a bloody bandage, "Bloody Rose" could be even more formidable than season 1's slasher.

Dark Matter (May 8, Apple TV+)

Joel Edgerton stars in this compelling dark science fiction thriller based on Blake Crouch's acclaimed novel. In a world with parallel realities allowing people to travel back into the past to fix mistakes; one man must do just that to save his family from a terrifying foe—himself. The first two episodes premiere on Wednesday, followed by one episode a week. Crouch worked on the show as creator, showrunner, writer, and executive producer.

Interview with the Vampire season 2 (May 12, AMC+)

If you cannot wait to see what's next in the saga of Louis and Lestat, then you're in luck because Interview with the Vampire is finally returning this weekend on AMC+. A weekly release, we only get one episode to start. Season 2 ushers in seductive and enthralling characters like the ancient vampire Armand and the recast Claudia (Delainey Hayles) as Louis continues telling his story to Daniel in the present.

Mind Body Spirit (May 7, VOD)

A young influencer finds herself unraveling when she makes a sinister discovery in her home in the form of a mysterious ritual left behind by her grandmother. At first, Anya (Sarah J. Bartholomew) is intrigued by the ritual's guiding practices, motivating her to evolve along her spiritual journey until the practice seems to summon an entity that takes control.

Lazareth (May 10, VOD)

Ashley Judd stars as an overprotective aunt in this apocalyptic thriller, hitting VOD this Friday. Raising her two nieces to believe the world is a violent and dangerous place in an isolated cabin in the woods, Lee (Judd) finds her hold over them threatened when an injured man wanders into the area. His arrival makes the girls (Katie Douglas and Sarah Pidgeon) question everything their aunt has been telling them.

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