Art the Clown gets a literary twist: Terrifier 2 getting 'gruesome' novelization this October

Titan Books is partnering with Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting to bring Terrifier 2 to novel form.
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Terrifier 2 - Courtesy Brigade Marketing /

Horror fans are about to see Art the Clown in a whole new way this October when he comes to book form in a "gruesome" novelization of Terrifier 2.

Variety exclusively reports that the upcoming book version of the film will be penned by Tim Waggoner, who is no stranger to the horror genre and has written novelizations for movies like Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Halloween Kills, and Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Set one year after the events of Terrifier, Terrifier 2 picks up with Art returned from the dead as he ventures into the town of Miles County to terrorize its residents. As those who have watched Terrifier 2 know, the second film in the franchise took things even farther than the first, with Allie's death, in particular, becoming one of the goriest (and most drawn out) horror movie kills ever.

I wonder if reading about Allie's death scene will make it even worse since a book can provide all sorts of disturbing details you can't capture on film.

The novel will be released on October 29, fittingly a couple of weeks after Terrifier 3 opens in theaters on October 11. Titan Books is publishing it in partnership with Cineverse and Bloody Disgusting.

Here's the official synopsis of the novel:

"In this gruesome novelization of the hit horror film, the nightmarish Art the Clown returns from the dead to continue his murderous and mad spree in the sleepy town of Miles County, one year after they survived the events of 'Terrifier.' Little do they know the nightmare is about to begin anew.

Resurrected by a sinister entity, Art is back with an appetite for murder and mayhem—setting his sights on the recently bereaved teenager Sienna and her younger brother Jonathan. The streets are about to run with blood, and Sienna must somehow survive this gruesome Halloween night and discover how to defeat a brutal and unforgiving killing machine from beyond her nightmares. 

There’s no stopping Art once his sights are set on you…"

With the third movie coming out soon, this book seems like a fun and exciting new way to revisit the storyline from the second movie, either before or after seeing the third one in theaters. Perhaps if this book sells well, we'll see more horror novels about Art the Clown and his... eccentric... lore in the future.

If you want to revisit the Terrifier movies, the first and second films are both streaming free on Tubi and Plex. You can also watch them on Peacock with a subscription and Terrifier 2 is on Screambox as well.

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