Terrifier 3 could end up being one of the goriest horror movies of all time

Damien Leone wants fans to know the third film will be the most insane in terms of gore and he wants to recapture the scary atmosphere from the original All Hallow's Eve short.
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The homicidal clown Art the Clown has been terrorizing us since Damien Leone's 2013 horror anthology. Returning again and again to brutally maim, torture, and kill countless victims across two feature-length movies, Terrifier and Terrifier 2. Art will return in the upcoming Terrifier 3, releasing in theaters this October.

Based on Leone's tweets about the movie, Terrifier 3, a Christmas horror film, will be "the scariest Terrifier film thus far." Leone has also talked about the movie having some of the most "insanely horrific scenes" in the franchise, with at least one being so intense it almost made Art himself, David Thornton Howard, vomit.

Horror directors and viewers often hype their movies as extremely gory and scary. We've all heard variations of "it's so gross you'll get sick" before, going back to The Exorcist in 1972 when audience members were given pre-emptive barf bags. Most recently, In a Violent Nature reportedly made some people sick while watching.

But in the case of Terrifier, Leone's statements could actually be true. Terrifier 3 might end up being one of the goriest horror films ever made. It helps that these are independent movies, meaning they aren't beholden to the standards of big studio films.

Terrifier already pushed the limit with one of its most notable kills, featuring Art sawing a woman in half. Terrifier 2 topped even that with Allie's long, drawn-out, and especially horrific murder scene. Sure, there is a campy vibe to the gore in Terrifier that prevents the movies from becoming too dour, but anyone squeamish would be running for the hills.

Given the insanity of Allie's death, in particular (and maybe the mashed potatoes scene), fans are curious how Leone could possibly top that in Terrifer 3. Based on his X (formerly Twitter) posts, it sounds like he has plenty of twisted ideas in store.

On June 10, Leone provided additional insight into what to expect on the gore front. He shared an Instagram post celebrating the final day on set for makeup guru Christien Tinsley and his crew from Tinsley Studio. While Leone and producer Phil Falcone primarily did all of the special effects work on the two movies, Leone says the scope for the third movie grew so large that he needed to hire an outside team, which speaks to what we can expect.

Leone says Tinsley and co. were happy to go along with "every insanely horrific idea" he threw at them "with gusto."

Terrifier 3 will be released in theaters on October 11.

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