Terrifier 3 taps one of The Lost Boys to star as filming wraps in New York

The premiere of Terrifier 3 is slowly getting closer and we've learned that The Lost Boys star has joined the cast.
Terrifier - Courtesy Dread/Epic Pictures
Terrifier - Courtesy Dread/Epic Pictures /

That's a wrap on Terrifier 3! According to a new exclusive from Deadline, the Christmas-themed slasher finished filming last week in New York. But the most exciting Terrifier-related news we got today is a casting announcement revealing that one of The Lost Boys will star in the upcoming film.

Jason Patric, who played Michael Emerson in the 1987 cult classic, is part of the cast, though who he plays is being kept under wraps like all of the other character details for now. Director and writer Damien Leone took to X (formerly Twitter) to praise Patric's addition to the film, noting that he's one of his "favorite actors" and that he can't wait for fans to "see his role."

Leone quoted an original tweet from Screambox that included a still from the film of Patric's character. Obviously, it's not much to go off of, but it looks like he's in a teenager's bedroom, so maybe he's playing someone's dad? Or he could be an artist, and those are his designs on the walls?

Besides Patric, the film will see Daniel Roebuck make his Terrifier debut as Santa Claus. Some of the characters from previous films will also return, like Lauren LaVera as Sienna, Samantha Scaffidi as Vicky Heyes, Elliot Fullam as Jonathan Shaw, and professional wrestler/actor Chris Jericho as Burke.

In Terrifier 2, Sienna seemingly killed Art the Clown for good, but as all fans of slasher movies know... they always come back. Terrifier 2 included a disturbing mid-credits scene that showed Art somehow being reborn. Honestly, the lore of these films is all a bit confusing but hopefully, the third movie will clear things up for us.

Little is known about what to expect from Terrifier 3 except that it's apparently got some of the franchise's goriest scenes and it will take place on Christmas Eve night.

Terrifier 3 hits theaters on October 11. To stay up to date on thrillers, sci-fi, and horror, bookmark 1428 Elm and follow our Facebook page and Twitter account!

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