Orphan Black: Echoes season 1 episode 2 recap: "Jules"

Avan Jogia as Jack and Krysten Ritter as Lucy - Orphan Black: Echoes _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Sophie Giraud/AMC
Avan Jogia as Jack and Krysten Ritter as Lucy - Orphan Black: Echoes _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Sophie Giraud/AMC /

Lucy has taken the teen girl hostage, and she wants answers. Does the teenager really not know anything, or is she lying? Here's what happens in Orphan Black: Echoes episode 2.

Spoilers ahead from Orphan Black: Echoes episode 2!

The second episode picks up where the first episode left off. Lucy continues to hold the teen girl hostage. She pulls over the truck to ask the girl some questions. In this scene, we find out that the girl's mom's name is Neva Lee. The teen girl manages to escape from the truck, and Lucy chases after her.

The next scene shows Kira calling a friend and colleague named Josh on the phone to talk about Lucy and her recent erratic behavior. If you recall from the first episode, Kira is led to believe that Lucy killed the mysterious man who was after her when really it was Charlie. Since Kira is unable to get in contact with Josh, she decides to leave a voicemail. As she ends the call, an elderly man bursts through the doors of her office. Orphan Black fans will immediately recognize this character. It's Felix, Sarah's foster brother and friend. He's just much older now since this show is set 37 years after the original series. The episode then cuts to the opening.

After the opening ends, viewers are taken back to the Settlement House, where Lucy enlists Craig's help to get answers from the teen girl. She takes Craig to a room in the house where she has the teen girl tied up to a chair. She explains to him her belief that the girl is a younger version of her. Craig doesn't initially want to help Lucy out, but he ends up giving in. We find out the teen girl's name is Jules and that she lost her family in a car accident, so now she lives with an adoptive family. However, she doesn't remember anything from before the crash.

Lucy explains to Jules that they're not real people, but instead are printouts of the same person. Jules doesn't believe her though. Lucy unties her and then shows her that they have the same scar. However, Jules still doesn't believe her. Lucy then tries to show her that they have the same branding on their arms, but when she looks at Jules arm, she doesn't find it. Jules asks Lucy if she could go to the restroom. But as soon as she comes out, she stabs Lucy with a sharp object before running away.

Back at Kira's office, Kira and Felix catch up on each other's lives before Felix invites Kira out to a bar. He mentions that street drugs are sold there which catches Kira's attention. She explains to Felix that she's looking for drugs for an experiment she's working on. They then head over to the bar. While there, Kira explains to Felix the real reason why she's trying to buy drugs. In her experiment, the neurons she's printing fail to communicate when they're being transplanted. So, she believes that using cocaine will amplify the signal. Since Kira has a hard time scoring drugs, Felix does it for her.

While at the bar, they also run into Kira's son, Lucas. Lucas tells them that he's going to introduce them to a woman from his religious group at the upcoming blood drive. Kira then excuses herself from the conversation to answer a phone call. During this time, Lucas shares his concern for his mom with Felix. Felix then promises Lucas that he'll talk to her.

Elsewhere, Tom and his female colleague, Emily Pritchett, travel to the middle of nowhere to meet with someone. That someone ends up being a man named Mr. Darros. Mr. Darros asks Tom and Emily if they found Lucy yet, and they respond by saying they haven't. Tom and Emily then inform him that Lucy has kidnapped Jules. Mr. Darros expresses to them the importance of finding Lucy and Jules and tells them to keep the kidnapping a secret from Kira. Tom and Emily then leave.

Later, we see an injured Lucy taken to the house where Jack and Charlie are staying. After Jack patches up her wounds, Lucy attempts to leave but Jack stops her. He threatens to leave her for good if she doesn't tell him the truth about everything that is going on. Not wanting to lose Jack, Lucy decides to come clean and takes him to the warehouse where she was made. After explaining everything, she leaves Jack to go to the workplace of Jules' adoptive mom. Her plan is to find out if Neva Lee knows anything.

Meanwhile, Jules has finally made her way back home. We meet her adoptive father James and her adoptive brother Wes. In this scene, we learn that Jules has a strained relationship with James and that she's running a drug business. Later, she has a heart-to-heart conversation with Neva about her past. However, their discussion is cut short when Neva receives an alert on her phone telling her that someone has entered her office building. That someone is Lucy. Lucy is able to get into the office building because she looks just like Jules.

Lucy enters Neva's office and finds a family photo of Neva, James, Jules, and Wes. The photo was taken on the day that Jules was adopted. Lucy notices a hospital in the background of the photo. The hospital's name reads "Beacon Bayview Medical." Lucy then puts the photo in her pockets and leaves the office. But before the scene ends, we're shown the name of Neva's workplace on a TV screen in the office. The company is called "Currentsy." The TV screen then changes to another screen that reads, "A subsidiary of Darros Logistics." So, it looks like Neva works for Mr. Darros.

The episode then cuts to Tom meeting up with Mr. Darros to inform him that Jules is back at home and that they have a lead on Lucy's whereabouts. Mr. Darros thanks Tom for his service and then Tom leaves. Elsewhere, Kira works on her experiment using rats as test subjects. She injects a rat with cocaine before placing it in a container filled with water. The rat starts swimming around, but as Kira turns around to look at it, she finds the rat dead. While on the phone with Josh, she tells him that they need to meet as soon as possible.

The last scene of the second episode shows Jules talking to her grandpa on a video call. After talking to Lucy, Jules is now curious about her past. She asks her grandpa about how she got the scar on her arm, and he tells her that she got it from falling off her bike. After listening to the story, Jules ends the call with her grandpa and lays down in her bed.

We then cut to Jules' grandpa, who rises from the chair he's sitting on. A mysterious woman walks into the room, congratulating him. They then walk out of the room together. But as they walk out, we find out that they weren't really in a room. It's a whole set-up, and the man isn't really Jules' grandpa. Dun dun duuun!

What are your thoughts on the second episode of Orphan Black: Echoes?

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