Damien Finally Caves in Finale ‘Ave Satani’

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After weeks of staying strong, Damien couldn’t resist any longer and succumbed to Ann’s wishes.


Throughout the debut season of Damien, our male lead has stood his ground and tried to stay true to who he is. Ann and John’s plan to turn him and push him to his destiny of leading a new-age pack of Satanists wasn’t working on Damien. That all changed this week after he was finally pushed to his breaking point.

The last few episodes of the season were written or co-written by creator Glen Mazzara and his strong, creative voice showed in a strong push to the finish line. He also wrote the pilot episode which I thought was a very solid introduction. I wish he would have penned the scripts for every episode because the finale was action-packed and put a nice bow on the season.

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Picking right up where episode 9 left off, Damien and Simone are escaping Greta’s safe house through the woods. They’re stopped in the street by John and his army. John gives him another pitch on how thousands of followers are waiting for him to lead them but Damien turns him down yet again. Out of frustration, John orders his army to kill Simone but Damien uses his powers to turn the mercenaries on themselves as they slaughter one another. Damien and Simone flee and get away.

Over the last couple of episodes, we’ve seen a weaker side to Ann after Damien so viciously banished her. Now grieving from Veronica’s death, she’s turned back to her cold-hearted ways. She continues to hold Amani hostage and tries to get information on Damien’s whereabouts from him.

A pressured John goes to meet with Ann and urges her that they need to move quickly and find Damien. She cooly disagrees and vows this to only be the beginning. They find a wounded Greta and her accomplices still in the woods. They keep Greta in custody but shoot all of her helpers.

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  • The next morning, Damien and Simone carjack a woman who recognizes Damien and tells him, “It’s all for you,” as she almost jumps off the bridge. Simone stops her just in time, saving her life. Ann’s guards bring Greta to see her. Greta warns Ann that there are others from the Vatican who will take her place if she’s killed. As this is happening, priests in Vatican City begin packing up the remaining daggers and other weapons. Later on in the episode, the assassins land in New York.

    Damien and Simone drive to Charles’ abandoned trailer and hide out there. He advises her to run and free herself from the evil that follows him. Simone resists and still thinks she can help, referencing the woman she saved from the bridge earlier in the episode.

    Back at the safe house where John and Ann are holding Amani and Greta hostage, John questions Amani on where he thinks Damien would go to hide. He resists which leads John to threaten Amani’s family. When Amani attacks him, John brings him and Greta outside to the grave where Damien lied in the previous episode. John forces Amani to put Greta in the grave and when he does, John shoots him in the gut despite Ann’s displeasure. With both Amani and Greta in the hole, the henchmen begin burying the two alive. Take a look at the shocking scene below.

    Driving himself crazier and crazier, Shay travels to the trailer where he thinks he’ll find Damien. On his way there, he thinks he sees his son on the side of the road. He turns his attention away from the road and thinks he hits his son with the car. When he gets out to call an ambulance, he realizes it was all in his head.

    Ann has a sudden realization of where Damien is hiding. Herself, John and their army roll out to go after him. After they leave, a hand comes shooting out of the grave where Amani and Greta were buried. Whose hand was it? Both of them were hurt pretty badly so either one could have died. This question isn’t answered for us and won’t be until season 2.

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