Bruce Campbell talks about possibly hanging up the chainsaw


Bruce Campbell in an interview with SYFY Wire the other day discussed the uncertain future of Ash vs Evil Dead with Aaron Sagers. If season four doesn’t happen, will he be hanging up the chainsaw for good?

“Nobody is safe.” – Bruce Campbell on Ash vs Evil Dead season three

Who Says I Haven’t?

Recently, Bruce Campbell was chatting with Aaron Sagers of SYFY Wire while promoting his bestselling memoir, Hail to the Chin. Things got interesting when Sagers asked him the following question, “When you hang up that chainsaw for the last time and Ash is gone, you’re moving on…” Campbell interrupted him with the following cryptic quote, “Who says I haven’t?”

To Sagers’ credit without a missing a beat, he fired back, “Have you?” Bruce’s response was, “We finished season three of Ash vs Evil Dead. At the end of that season, it could go anywhere or nowhere.” When and if the chainsaw gets hung up, will that be the death knoll of the iconic Ashley J. Williams?

What was the answer to that question? From the man who made “groovy” a happening catch phrase again, “If we don’t get renewed for season four. Ash could suddenly die of a massive heart attack. It’s happened.”

Wow. I don’t know where Renaissance is in terms of their renegotiations with Lionsgate but there has been no word as of yet on AVED’s renewal. The Ghostbeaters and new castmates, Arielle Carver-O’Neill and Lindsay Farris are headed to New York Comic Con next month. Maybe a start date and a teaser trailer is on the horizon.

However, it still sounds as if the future is uncertain. For fans of the series, that is definitely terrifying and not in a good way. Let’s not throw in the towel yet. All is not lost. What can you do?

The Ongoing Saga

Back in July, I started a series at 1428 Elm dedicated to Ash vs Evil Dead and the season three saga. My colleagues and I have been covering this news for quite some time. Invariably, the same topics keep coming up.

After our interviews with Bruce Campbell, Ray Santiago and Dana DeLorenzo, we could see a recurring pattern emerge. Our site has addressed these two issues repeatedly in various articles. Supporting the cast through purchasing merchandise and not illegally downloading the show are the pain points when considering a season four renewal.

Dana states it best, “If you want the show to go on for many more seasons, find a way to get nine friends to pitch in a dollar and watch. It’s as simple as that. Because we’re happy to keep going. The show is a love letter to lifelong fans and to new fans alike. So, if you like it, let STARZ know by either subscribing online or in your cable package.”

Bruce Campbell has also weighed in on the subject numerous times in various forums. He has given fans a no cost way to get the show. Download the Starz app and do the thirty-day free trial. Once the trial ends, delete the app! Those views will show the network that interest is still there and might help them to renew AVED for season four.

Ask What You Can Do for AVED

Considering what Bruce has said in his interview with SYFY Wire, fans need to get more vocal and proactive. Keep @STARZ @LionsgateTV if you are on Twitter. Use the #bringbackboomstick in tweets. The Evil Dead franchise fans are a passionate group, use your voice, season four could depend on it.

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What do you think about Bruce’s statements? Do you intend to let @Starz and @LionsgateTV know that you want a season four of AVED? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you!