Ash vs Evil Dead: Musical episode and beyond the series


Last weekend the cast of Ash vs Evil Dead and the ladies of Evil Dead hosted a panel at the Weekend of Hell Con in Germany. Dana DeLorenzo reveals that she and Ray Santiago wanted a musical episode and Bruce Campbell delves into life beyond the show.

“Everything was beautiful at the ballet.” – A Chorus Line

AVED- The Musical?

Last weekend during the panel discussion featuring the cast of Ash vs Evil Dead and the ladies of Evil Dead, Dana DeLorenzo admitted that she and Ray Santiago were lobbying producer Rob Tapert for a musical episode of the show.

This was an interesting development because how would this idea have fit into the universe of Ash vs Evil Dead and also because I didn’t know that Ray Santiago could sing! Of course, we all know that this never came to fruition but it is fun to think about.

Dana went on to say that she was watching the episode Apparently Dead when she thought she heard Bruce Campbell and Lucy Lawless singing at the end credits. So, she asked Bruce point blank if it was him and he confirmed.

Is There Life Beyond the Show?

For those of you that saw that particular show, they did in fact sing, Kids from the musical, Bye, Bye Birdie! At that juncture, Bruce interjected and posed the question, “I would like to speak to our actors here about life beyond Evil Dead. Ray, this show can’t possibly live forever even though you may or may not want it to. What’s beyond the horror?”

Santiago shared that he will be working on a movie that in his words, “I am very excited about.” The film is about the night that David Bowie died. Ray went on to say that there is a “similarity it shares with Evil Dead.”

Time travel is an element in his latest feature. “I will be pulling from my Evil Dead experiences for the rest of my life.” Then a nice little surprise occurred. Ray broke into song and his voice is incredible.

He favored the audience with a little bit of “At the Ballet” from the musical, A Chorus Line. The song is bittersweet and tells the tale of a young girl who has a terrible home life and retreats into a world of fantasy where she dances in a ballet.

The Finale

Usually, I am not for musical numbers in a television series unless it fits in with the plot. However, sometime in the future, I would love to see Ray and Dana on Broadway.

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In closing the panel, Ray thanked the audience. “It’s a lifetime of meeting people who have an appreciation for what we created. We are so thankful.” After that heartfelt admission, Bruce Campbell got everyone on stage to sing Wayne Newton’s “Danke Schoen,” with him.

Of course, in true Evil Dead fashion, Campbell changed the lyrics slightly. Instead of “Thank you for all the joy and pain,” he replaced the word joy with blood. As any fan of the series knows this alteration is very apropos.

While I was watching this video from Santa Sangre, I couldn’t help but feel that this might be the last hurrah for AVED. There hasn’t been any formal word from STARZ on whether or not the show has been cancelled or renewed.  Perhaps instead of “Auf Wiedersehen” (Goodbye), we should say, “Bis wir uns wieder treffen” (Until we meet again).

How do you feel about Season 3 of AVED? Go ahead and share your thoughts in the comment section below. We want to hear from you.

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