Bruce Campbell: Brisco County Jr. Season 2 plan unearthed


Bruce Campbell starred in Brisco County Jr. a quirky and unique steampunk western for Fox back in the 90’s. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season. However, the plan for Season 2 was revealed years later and it would have been amazing.

Bruce Campbell was fresh off of Army of Darkness when he stepped into a role that he had been wanting to play since he became an actor. Finally, he was going to be starring in a western. But not just any western, this one also had an element of science-fiction to it.

The property was The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. This Jeffrey Boam and Carlton Cuse venture was extremely steampunk much in the same way as its precursor, The Wild Wild West was in the late 60’s. Campbell played the title role of Brisco, a Harvard graduate turned bounty hunter in this Fox television series.

Originally envisioned as a quirky companion piece to the network’s other unusual offering, The X-Files, it made its debut on Aug. 27, 1993. As with any new show, the first episode introduced us to the many unusual characters that would become part of our frame of reference.

We meet his future sidekick and partner in crime, Socrates Poole (Christian Clemenson) as well as his rival and fellow bounty hunter, Lord Bowler (Julius Carry). Of course, a hero has to have a villain and Billy Drago portrays John Bly to perfection. The quest to apprehend Bly and bring him to justice is the overarching theme throughout the first season.

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Then of course, there is Professor Albert Wickwire (John Astin) who will also become a very integral character, his daughter Amanda (Anne Tremko) and another foe for Brisco, Pete Hutter (John Pyper-Ferguson who coincidentally would meet up with Bruce again in Burn Notice).

Last but certainly not least is Dixie Cousins (Kelly Rutherford). Originally, Dixie was presented as being a femme fatale and someone that Brisco should watch his step around. However, the chemistry between Rutherford and Campbell was pretty intense, so the creators of the show decided to turn her into the romantic interest instead.

Originally, Professor Wickwire’s daughter Amanda was supposed to be the gal that stole Brisco’s heart. Dixie quickly became a fan favorite so her character won that battle.

If the series would have survived and been renewed, Season 2 would have made “shippers” rejoice. According to TV Tropes, Carlton Cuse confirmed that the wandering bounty hunter would have settled down and married Dixie. He would have moved to a small town where he would have become the sheriff.

To keep things interesting, the citizens would have had “similar characteristics to many of the guest characters from Season One.” So, one could only imagine who they probably could have gotten to appear or sign on as recurring characters.

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Oh, what might have been but everything happens for a reason. Perhaps if Brisco would have continued, we would have never had Bruce Campbell appearing in Xena and Hercules as Autolycus or Jack Stiles, the Daring Dragoon in Jack of All Trades.

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