Fleet of UFOs invades the skies over Casper, Wyoming!

UFOs over Wyoming 2 - Courtesy of Express and IG
UFOs over Wyoming 2 - Courtesy of Express and IG /

A fleet of UFOs were seen flying across the skies of Casper, Wyoming last week. Or were they drones launched from a nearby Air Force base?

UFOs were seen flying over the skies of Casper, Wyoming last Friday. The sight prompted immediate thoughts of some sort of alien invasion. Bradley Ries who captured the entire episode on his camera phone didn’t know what to make of the phenomenon.

According to Express UK, Ries thought that they might have been drones but “they were completely silent and they were pretty close” to where he filmed the footage. The photographer felt that he should have been able to hear their propellers.

Since the sky is cloudy and it is almost dark, the orbs are blurry but when zoomed in, they can definitely be seen flying in formation. Apparently, one of the viewers of the Only Real UFOs You Tube channel recounted a similar experience.

"“My family and me saw the same thing over Aurelia, Iowa. There were hundreds but were flying higher and they seemed like small specs of light. This is crazy!”"

UFOs over Wyoming 3 - Courtesy of Express UK -IG
UFOs over Wyoming 3 – Courtesy of Express UK -IG /

What is interesting is that he or she doesn’t give a date. If their sighting was on July 26 then it could be considered a flap or a mass sighting not unlike the Phoenix Lights in 1997.

Bradley Ries noted that the objects were flying in the direction of the airport. Of course, an inquiry was made at Casper Natrona County International Airport about the origin of the strange lights. They had no answer but they did refer the question to the Federal Aviation Administration.

This is where things take a bizarre turn. The government actually responded. Allen Kenitzner, spokesperson for the FAA’s Northwest Mountain Region couldn’t offer up any suggestions as to what the UFOs were. However, he cryptically added that there “wasn’t anything in the air that the FAA wasn’t able to identify.”

Now, that particular statement sounds like the organization was aware of some sort of activity happening that night but couldn’t or wouldn’t confirm or deny. Were the lights a military exercise of some sort? After all, Francis E. Warren Air Force Base is in Cheyenne, Wyoming which isn’t incredibly far away.

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Would the Air Force actually risk flying a project in the middle of a housing development? Seems unlikely but then again, the craft that flew over the state of Arizona in 1997 ( right around the time that the lights were seen on South Mountain) was seen by 10,000 people who were waiting for a glimpse of the Hale-Bopp comet.

After viewing a display of a fleet of drones on an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! flying in unison for an art exhibit, I have to say I am leaning toward the explanation for this sighting being some sort of night time military exercise.

Compare the two videos and decide. The first one is the UFO footage while the second is a video from Intel showcasing multiple drones flying in formation all at once.

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I am going to remain skeptical and state that this particular case is a fleet of drones.

What do you think? Is this a legitimate sighting of multiple UFOs or is it something explainable like drones? Let us know in the comments.