Project Blue Book Season 2 finale recap: Operation Mainbrace

L-R Michael Malarkey as Michael Quinn and Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” "Operation Mainbrace" airs March 24 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Liane Hentscher Copyright 2020
L-R Michael Malarkey as Michael Quinn and Aidan Gillen as Dr. J. Allen Hynek in HISTORY’s “Project Blue Book.” "Operation Mainbrace" airs March 24 at 10 PM ET/PT. Photo by Liane Hentscher Copyright 2020 /

Project Blue Book closes out Season 2 in a spectacular fashion. Hynek and Quinn head to the North Atlantic to investigate a UFO sighting that just might turn out to be irrefutable evidence that we are not alone.

Project Blue Book pulled out all the stops for the Season 2 finale. We were definitely not prepared for what happened.

This particular episode focused on Operation Mainbrace. A naval exercise that took place in September of 1952 and involved the U.S. Navy, eight NATO governments including New Zealand. There were 80,000 men on the seas along with 1,000 planes and 200 ships.

During the 12-day period that Mainbrace maneuvers were taking place, there were several UFO sightings. A British pilot reported seeing a silvery object following him while on the U.S.S. Franklin D. Roosevelt, a reporter by the name of Wallace Litwin took several photographs of a “silvery, spherical” object.

The UFO encounter at the heart of the finale episode actually occurred on the Danish destroyer, Willemoes. A triangular shaped craft was spotted by several crew members including an officer. It was believed to be traveling at a speed of over 900 m.p.h.

As we close out this phenomenal season of Project Blue Book, here are some key points that may come into play if the series gets renewed. We have our fingers crossed! Keep in mind, there will be spoilers ahead.

Senator Kennedy as an Ally

At the end of Episode 9, we saw Senator Kennedy assign a case to Hynek and Quinn which turned out to be the triangular shaped craft sighting during Operation Mainbrace. What is very important to note here is that Kennedy made it a point to tell the Professor and the Captain that Fairchild trusted them so he does too.

Plus, he wants them to report their evidence to him and not the Generals. This action definitely leaves the door open for the pair to work on cases assigned by the Senator. It would appear that they have another powerful ally in the government.

Will We See Susie Again?

We know that Susie didn’t relinquish any intel to the Generals. So, they enlisted Mimi to get information from her since Susie requested to see her. She has a message that she will only deliver to her old friend.

Mimi reluctantly agrees to participate in this subtle interrogation. Things are obviously tense between the two women because let’s face it, Susie practically ruined Quinn’s career and she put the Hynek family in danger.

What transpires leads me to think that like the late Edward Rizzuto, could our government “turn” Susie and have her be a counterspy? We know she gave Daria’s name and address which could result in the Russians having her killed for being a traitor.

If she remains in custody, would we actually use her to gain Russian intel? There is also another potential way for us to see her again.

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Before she parted ways with Mimi, she pulled her into a hug to whisper in her ear about a message that she left in Joel’s room for her. Once Mimi is back home, she searches her son’s room and finds a letter in one of his toys.

There is an address on it so Mimi goes to find out what or who resides there. She enters a crowded tenement house. Somehow, she manages to locate the apartment.

When Mimi meets Susie’s daughter, she is overwhelmed with emotion. Now, this girl might end up an orphan, or will she?

The Mysterious Ghost Ship

At the time of the original UFO/USO sighting, a “ghost ship,” would appear right before the craft. In the Bermuda Triangle, this type of occurrence isn’t rare. Bermuda actually has the most reports of unmanned vessels.

What is intriguing about the phantom fishing trawler is that it came from Shanghai which is over 10,000 miles away from Operation Mainbrace. How did it suddenly appear?

Hynek and Quinn decide to investigate the ship when it materializes because the Admiral is threatening to destroy it. They steal a boat and unfortunately are on borrowed time because the U.S.S. Wisconsin knows they are there.

What they see is disturbing. All of the glass is melted and the wood inside the wheelhouse is warped as well. They run into a terrified surviving crew member who tells them about the cities under the sea.

It would seem that aliens have been living on earth for thousands of years and have bases underneath the ocean. As fantastical as that seems, the pair believe him.

City under the Sea

Hynek and Quinn return to the U.S.S. Wisconsin. After arguing with the Admiral and trying to plead their case, he dismisses them by saying the triangle is a Russian sub and Mainbrace stays the course. The two are immediately thrown in the brig.

However, that trip is short-lived because an all hands-on deck alarm sounds. Hynek and Quinn escape outside to find out what is happening. The triangle rises up out of the sea then plunges beneath the boat at an unheard rate of speed.

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Quinn decides to take the one-man sub and follow the UFO/USO because he got close to them in Washington, DC and he wants to see, once and for all, if they are real. Hynek protests to no avail. Quinn departs to chase the craft.

One of the crew tells the Admiral that the sub is missing. When Hynek informs him, that Quinn is down there, it doesn’t matter because he deploys the depth charges anyway. Meanwhile, Quinn is at 300 feet below. He sees several UFO/USOs and a base. The charges surround him and go off. Everything fades to black.

The Future of Project Blue Book

Quinn is presumed dead. Since he didn’t have a family, Harding gets his flag and his dog tags. The Blue Book offices are nothing but boxes of files. Faye is taking down the clippings from the wall.

An exhausted Hynek is at home frantically looking through case files for answers to where Quinn might be. He finds several with information on vessels that disappeared and reappeared thousands of miles away. The Professor believes that the Captain might show up in a remote location.

Using coordinates from the files, he starts plotting on the map. When he is finished, he steps back. What he sees is the Greek inverted triangle symbol that represents the music ratios upon which the foundation of the Universe is built. This same triangle was found on the obelisk in Antarctica and was also used in the mysterious “program” in Season 1 which was more than likely MK-Ultra.

Now, Hynek has a direction but he needs help. He finds William hiding out in Tierra del Fuego. He tells him that Quinn found the aliens and now they have to find him. We close out the show with a shot of the Professor on a ship headed for an iceberg.

If the series gets renewed for Season 3, we can expect to be on a quest to find Quinn.

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