Terrifier 3: What we hope to see in the sequel

Actor David Howard Thornton smiles into a cell phone that was streaming live at Wild Wolf Halloween Store Friday, Nov. 18, 2022. Thornton was dressed up as Art the Clown, a character he played in the horror film "Terrifier."
Actor David Howard Thornton smiles into a cell phone that was streaming live at Wild Wolf Halloween Store Friday, Nov. 18, 2022. Thornton was dressed up as Art the Clown, a character he played in the horror film "Terrifier." /

Terrifier fans, rejoice! Art the Clown will return for Terrifier 3 to unleash more mayhem and murder.

Not only that, but the film will enjoy a wide theatrical release in fall 2024, before it streams exclusively on Screambox. This shouldn’t come as surprise. Terrifier 2 was a box office hit, earning about $15 million on a budget of $250,000. That’s a major success story for indie horror.

With a third movie on the way, here’s what we hope to see.

We Want More Sienna in Terrifier 3

One of the best aspects of Terrifier 2 was final girl Sienna (Lauren LaVera). She’s a scrappy protagonist, the good versus Art’s (David Howard Thornton) evil. Her warrior costume made it quite clear she’s the only one strong enough to face off against the fiendish slasher. Yet, their story isn’t finished. Art will no doubt seek revenge because she defeated him. Sienna will also have a score to settle after what he did to those closest to her.

Writer/director Damien Leone would do well to expand upon her story from the second film, including the mystical sword gifted to her by her father. For instance, how exactly was it able to resurrect her after Art stabbed her with it? Also, who was her father exactly? Is he somehow connected to Art? These are questions that deserve answers.

Terrifier 3 Should Provide Answers about the Little Pale Girl

What made Terrifier 2 unique is that it fleshed out and expanded upon the universe from the first film. Other than Sienna, the most notable addition was the Little Pale Girl (Amelie McLain). She’s the one responsible for resurrecting Art. Yet, it’s unclear who or what she is. Is she a demonic presence? Is she Art’s first victim? Did he corrupt her soul?

While questions still remain about Sienna’s past, the Little Pale Girl’s story is even murkier. Hopefully, the third film will provide her backstory and how, exactly, she became associated with the vile clown.

Terrifier 3
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Terrifier 3 Should Match the Kills of Previous Films

There’s no doubt the Terrifier films are so popular, in part, because of the kills, specifically the hacksaw sequence in the original and Allie’s (Casey Hartnet) brutal fate in the sequel. Allie’s bedroom scene in particular sent the internet abuzz. How will Leone top what came before in the gore zone?

He recently told Variety that he’s already thinking about how to outdo the previous films in terms of the bloodshed. Anyone squeamish be forewarned. There will likely be a torture scene as grisly as what Leone created prior. Will it be someone close to Sienna? Considering Art will be out for revenge, that seems likely.

The Third Film Should Tell Us Who or What Art the Clown Is

After two films, Art the Clown’s story is still unclear. Is he evil personified? If so, that seems too easy. Was he once human? That’s a bit more interesting. The third film needs to make clear, once and for all, who or what Art is. Hopefully, Leone won’t take the easy way out and simply conclude that Art is a demonic presence, with no past or backstory. All of the best slashers, be it Freddy, Jason, Chucky, or Michael, have their own distinct stories. Art deserves his own tale. Is he somehow connected to Sienna and her family? If so, that would make both of their character arcs all the more interesting, raising the stakes for their final battle.

Terrifier 3 Should Conclude the Franchise

While Terrifier continues to ride a well-earned high, the third film should end the franchise. Yes, it’ll likely make a lot of money, especially with a wider release, but why not go out on a high note, instead of creating sequel after sequel? Besides, don’t we want to see what else Leone can do as a writer, director, and special effects guru outside of the Terrifier universe? Sienna and Art should duke it out one more time, a fitting cap to a trilogy.

There’s no word yet on Terrifier 3’s plot or casting, but we do believe Leone will go even bigger and bolder for the third film.

Terrifier and Terrifier 2 are currently available on Screambox and Tubi. 

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