Telltale Games Teases ‘Walking Dead’ DLC Before Season 3


The ending of Season 2 of Telltale’s The Walking Dead video game series managed to shatter the hearts of everyone who played it, regardless of which alternate ending was achieved.  Unlike the sole depressing ending of the first season, which was arguably the saddest moment in all of video game history, each possible ending of Season 2 was sure to tug at your heart strings in one way or another.  It was officially announced by Telltale last year that there would, in fact, be a Season 3, but no details have been provided beyond that.

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Still, the story of Clementine’s post-apocalyptic transition from an innocent 8 year old girl into The Walking Dead‘s smallest badass has been extremely compelling since the very start of the series.  While I’m still recovering from the emotional turmoil Season 2 left me in upon its conclusion, I’m salivating to see what happens next.  With not even a hint as to when Season 3 will be released, the wait is going to be quite painful, but Telltale’s PR boss Job Stauffer has hinted at some Walking Dead content in the meantime to hold us all over.  At an SXSW panel last weekend, Stauffer shared this tidbit of information with the crowd:

"“Oh man, I’m going to get an email about this.  “[The Walking Dead Season 3 is] not necessarily something you can expect to see super, super, super soon.  But, I think you can perhaps, maybe, expect to see The Walking Dead again sooner, if that makes sense.  Does that make sense?  I’ll let the internet work on that one.  Next question.”"

Could Stauffer be hinting at a bonus chapter to supplement Season 2, similar to how Season 1 did with its 400 Days DLC?  That seems to make the most sense, and given the continued popularity of the series, I don’t see why Telltale wouldn’t push out a bonus episode to bridge the gap between the second and third seasons.  I’m betting that there will, in fact, be a DLC, and like 400 Days, I bet it’ll feature characters that are only barely connected with the main storyline (if they even are at all).

It’s also unknown whether Season 3 will even continue the story of Clementine, or give us a new character altogether to control.  Some players groaned about Clem’s role as the protagonist as not being very plausible, but it never bothered me during Season 2— even if, sometimes, they really did seem to be loading up Clem with tasks that no child should ever have to do.  I think if they stick us with some other random person at this point, it would create a disconnect with the episodic game series as we’ve been following Clementine since the beginning.  So here’s hoping we’ll get to continue to kick ass with Clementine and grow along with her in her quest to survive the zombie apocalypse.