The Walking Dead: Who’s Going to Meet Lucille in Season 6?


Warning: MAJOR Comic Spoilers Ahead!

The Walking Dead kept its audience on a thrill ride for its entire fifth season, but readers of the graphic novels know that Season 6 is going to be even more exciting.  Without a doubt, the infamous villain Negan is sure to make his debut at some point soon in the story.  Comic fans are aware that after Negan appears, things start to get really crazy… and the brains will hit the fan immediately if the show continues to adhere pretty closely to its source material, as it has been doing.

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I am referring to Negan’s appearance in issue #100, where he first introduces Rick and his group to Lucille, his barbwire-covered baseball bat.  Unfortunately, Negan’s method of introducing “her” to the group is by smashing Glenn Rhee‘s head completely in with the foreign object, morphing Maggie’s husband’s brains into mush.  Rick, Maggie and the others are forced to watch helplessly, vastly outnumbered by Negan’s group of followers he calls, “The Saviors.”  It’s one of the most gut-wrenching moments of the entire Walking Dead franchise, and there’s no way there won’t be some sort of version of this scene adapted to the TV series.

Now, the question is, who is going to be the person on the show to serve as Lucille’s T-ball stand?

Certainly, most people are leaning towards Glenn being the unlucky recipient of the bat beating.  It makes sense when you consider how closely the TV series has been sticking to the comics, and at this point, even a large majority of fans who haven’t read the comics know about Glenn’s brutal demise.  It’s also been possibly foreshadowed with Glenn nearly dying the same way at the hands of the Terminus butchers.  However, much like how TV’s Hershel had taken Tyreese’s comic death, I think that somebody else is going to meet Lucille.  It just wouldn’t be nearly as shocking on the show as it was in the books, considering that this time around, everyone is expecting it.

Another popular rumor floating around out there is that the victim will be another fan favorite from Season 1, Daryl Dixon.  Daryl dying in any way is sure to be completely shocking, considering he’s basically the face of the show (even more than Rick).  Seeing Daryl’s brains get splattered when everyone was expecting Glenn would indeed be very jaw-dropping.  Like Glenn, though, I also have my doubts about this happening.  The Walking Dead doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon, and AMC isn’t going to want the show’s most profitable character written off so abruptly, no matter how shocking it might be.

I’m sure the producers want this magical moment to carry just as much weight as it did in the comics, so I’m betting against the victim being an Alexandria native or some other newcomer to the cast.  I’m also convinced that all of the women on the show are safe, as Negan’s character in the comics takes it just a little easy on the ladies.  Granted, he does pretty much force many of them to serve as his “wives,” but he does kill one of his own men for trying to rape a female hostage.  Beating a woman to death in front of everybody doesn’t really seem to be Negan’s style.

So, the only men left who serve as viable candidates to fit this slot are Rick, Carl and Morgan.

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  • It’s still too early in the series to kill Rick off, no matter how much Robert Kirkman and the others pull the “Nobody is safe!” routine.  As well, I’m betting Carl is even going to outlive Rick, should one of them have to eventually die.  Negan and Carl also have a strange relationship with one another as the comics progress, and it’d be a shame not to incorporate some of that into the TV series.

    That makes my official prediction for Negan’s first victim to be Morgan.  Although he had only been in two episodes before Season 5, they were two of the best of the whole series and Morgan is firmly established as a fan favorite.  He had only just reunited with Rick and he has proven himself to be a very skilled fighter, which would make an upcoming death all the more sad and shocking.

    However, story-wise, there doesn’t seem to be much else left to do with Morgan.  He had such an incredible story arc for the one episode he appeared in during Season 3 that is probably never going to be topped.  Eliminating one of the group’s strongest badasses would also surely be a major blow to the group and really put over Negan as an unstoppable force.  It doesn’t help Morgan’s case that, in the comics, he died very shortly after joining the group in Alexandria, so even the timing of the events would still be similar— he would just be getting a different death, but perhaps the most ruthless death of the series, and that would be an appropriate send-off for such an amazing character.