‘The Walking Dead’: Mid-Season 6 Finale Death Predictions


Have 7 episodes already passed us by on The Walking Dead?! Are we seriously at the mid-season finale already? I don’t care about Thanksgiving and Christmas creeping up on us; it’s how quickly each season of The Walking Dead goes by that makes me feel like the end of the year has came upon us way too fast.

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In any case, tomorrow night is the mid-season finale of the 6th season of The Walking Dead, and you know what that means; somebody is going to die. We’ve learned from past experience that some of our characters are in significant mortal danger at the halfway point of each season (Sophia in Season 2, Oscar in Season 3, Hershel Greene (among many others) in Season 4, and Beth Greene in Season 5).

With Talking Dead already having announced a “surprise cast member” to join Robert Kirkman on the after-show, and with the horde of walkers finally busting their way into Alexandria— we know somebody is going to go. But, who? I’ve got some ideas.

First of all, look for many more no-name Alexandrians to bite the dust. The Walking Dead made a habit of revolving extras on the screen to simply up the body count, and you can expect to see a fair amount of corpses belonging to characters who have never been named. For the sake of realism, though, it only makes sense.

I’m also predicting to see 1 or 2 b-list characters scratched off the roster. I could see the pantry guard, Olivia, falling victim to the walkers here, simply because the arrival of Dr. Denise Cloyd— we don’t need two shy nerdy women walking around, and Cloyd is more important to the story. I also have a hunch that Jessie’s younger son, Sam, is dead meat. I don’t see both of her boys escaping this catastrophe unscathed, but I’m giving the edge to Ron, the older boy— simply because he stole those bullets for the pistol Rick had given him last week, which just might help him escape a rotten situation.

In keeping up with the tradition of The Walking Dead, though, I think one major character is going to bite it— or, rather, get bitten. It didn’t take me long to realize who this person was, and as sad as it makes me to predict this name— I’m betting Morgan is a goner.

Think about it. Every time a character shows weakness, they’re basically on the chopping block. Tyreese, for example, started his stint on the series as a badass. He had no qualms dispatching walkers in the woods and seemed to want to do whatever it took to survive. By Season 5, Ty had softened up quite a bit, even having some reservations even when it came to putting walkers down. He wasn’t long for the Walking Dead world after that.

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I’m also starting to notice a formula with the show— last year, Beth Greene had her own bottle episode shortly into the first half of Season 5. Her character was much more rapidly developed in the few subsequent episodes afterward, only for her to suddenly die in the mid-season finale. With how Morgan has been keeping a dangerous, psychotic gang member locked in his house— a situation that is obviously going to go wrong somehow— is he setting himself up for his own death tomorrow?

It’s been joked about for years that whenever a character on The Walking Dead suddenly gets a large amount of screentime and character development which they previously didn’t have, it spells doom for said character. We’ve seen it time and time again, and if the show is continuing to use the same formulas for killing off characters that they have in the past— then you can expect to see Morgan’s actor, Lennie James, joining Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead after Morgan’s emotional farewell.

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