‘The Walking Dead’: Top 10 Heroes

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1. Carol

A few seasons ago, you wouldn’t even see Carol crack a top 10 list of survivors on The Walking Dead. Now at the end of Season 6, she’s at the top of the list. I’m just as surprised as some of you are. What happened?

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Carol’s transformation has indeed only made her that much more of a badass, as we’ve literally gotten to see the whole thing play out. Starting the series as an abused housewife incapable of defending herself or anyone else, Carol didn’t seem like she was long for this world. I know I certainly didn’t expect her to survive the prison.

In Season 4, Carol showed how much she was evolving. No longer afraid of her own shadow, Carol had grown the ability to do whatever was needed — including killing — to keep the entire group safe. Had she not killed Karen and David, the illness in the prison may have taken more victims.

Season 5 then rolled around, which saw Carol practically save the entire crew from Terminus herself. She had some help once Rick and the others got out of the boxcar, but if not for her, they all would’ve been served in sandwiches.

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Now, Season 6 saw her step up when the Wolves attacked Alexandria, disguising herself to kill many of the raiders. The Saviors had given her a few more problems by holding her captive on more than one occasion, but she made pretty quick work of them as well (even if she had a little help from Maggie and Morgan). Probably nobody else could have survived the situations Carol has found herself in — but Carol’s the biggest badass on the series.