The Walking Dead: Could Sheamus Have Played Abraham?


WWE superstar Sheamus would like to expand his acting resume, and that includes having a role on the AMC zombie drama The Walking Dead.

Add Sheamus as the next celebrity itching for a role on TV’s #1 show.

According to, Sheamus was present at the Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia recently, where he fielded some questions from the fans in attendance. When asked about taking on more acting roles, Sheamus certainly showed his interest in finding more on-screen work.

After mentioning his desire to be a part of a major franchise like Spider-Man, the former world champion also expressed how big a fan he was of the popular television shows Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead. He would love the chance to appear on either of those series as well, Sheamus told the fans.

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Interestingly enough, for years, fans of WWE and The Walking Dead have been comparing Sheamus to Abraham (played by Michael Cudlitz on the show). Physically, they are pretty similar, so had the role not already been cast, could Sheamus have done a decent Abraham?

I suppose the character could have been altered to be Irish-born, to explain that heavy accent. And having foreign characters on the show wouldn’t be that unheard of, either. Remember creepy Clara from the Season 4 premiere? She was apparently from Ireland as well, and had the accent to prove it.

The biggest problem I could see with this fantasy casting is that Sheamus would have to be okay with finally getting a tan. The characters on The Walking Dead basically live outside, and that ghost-white skin tone wouldn’t realistically stay that bright for very long.

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In any case, Abraham’s long been cast on the show, and I don’t think they made the wrong choice with Cudlitz. But maybe the door can still open for Abe’s Irish cousin to randomly show up in Alexandria.