The Walking Dead: Remembering Oscar From Season 3


Other people are talking about that awards show, but for some of us, Oscar from The Walking Dead is the only Oscar that matters.

Today is the day when a large group of A-list celebrities gather to pat themselves on the back and pass out little golden statues. That’s great and all, but I’m more excited about the new episode of The Walking Dead tonight. So rather than talk about the Oscars ceremony, I’m going to talk about Oscar from The Walking Dead instead.

Oscar (Vincent Ward) – The Walking Dead – Season 3, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Tina Rowden/AMC

Most longtime viewers of the show should remember this guy. He’s one of the inmates the group finds soon after Hershel loses his leg in the prison. A couple of these prisoners turn out to be nefarious, but two of them are alright — including our pal Oscar (played by Vincent M. Ward). Rick kills the leader Tomas, letting his friend Andrew escape the building to presumably die.

When Andrew sneaks back into the prison to set off the alarm (which would cause Lori’s death), Rick tracks him down. The two of them brawl, with Oscar getting ahold of Rick’s gun. Andrew tells Oscar that he can shoot Rick so they can take the prison back from him. Instead, Oscar blows Andrew’s head off, saving Rick and becoming a part of the group.

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Oscar didn’t get as much screen time as fans would have liked (same for Axel). But while exploring the halls of the prison, he did manage to get a touching moment. He finds a pair of slippers on the ground, and gets excited. Oscar mentions how he loves to kick back in a pair of slippers after a hard day’s work. It is entertaining to see such a tough, serious guy get so happy about finding slippers, and helps viewers get to know Oscar just a little bit better, if only slightly.

Unfortunately, Oscar’s days were numbered. Upon finding out Glenn and Maggie are being held in Woodbury, Oscar volunteers for the rescue team. Joining him are Michonne, Daryl, and Rick — Oscar may as well have just put a red shirt on for this trip. With Woodbury armed to the teeth, at least one of those characters had to die, and the axe fell Oscar’s way.

After finding Glenn and Maggie, the group help them escape Woodbury. In the process, Rick notices a bearded man he hallucinates as being Shane Walsh. The distraction allows the soldier to draw his weapon and shoot Oscar while he’s helping an injured Glenn over the fence. Oscar seems to die instantly, with a distraught Maggie shooting him in the head to prevent him from turning.

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So ends Oscar’s far too brief run on The Walking Dead. But, oddly enough, I still remember him every year when the Oscars come on TV. Or sometimes when I just hear people mention the word “slippers”.

Rest in peace, Oscar!