Ghost unveils lore in new video for ‘Dance Macabre’


After being hinted at weeks ago, Ghost finally revealed their special plague masks and the romantic beginning of Papa Nihil in a new “Dance Macabre” video.

The Swedish metal band Ghost has always wowed fans with their announcement videos (like the most recent Chapter 5 video) and their music videos. Over the years, they’ve been getting more and more creative and even now focusing less on the Papa’s of the past, the Cardinal of the present, the Nameless Ghouls and Ghulehs and have now put its focus lately on the two that started it all, Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator.

Ghost surprised us again with the music video for their pop metal song, “Dance Macabre,” and it is romantic, sexy, bloody and we love it. Check it out:

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You know, maybe my idea of romance is skewed, but I love this video. It starts off with the future Papa Nihil getting dragged to a strange party in TransyLvaniA by his annoying friend, disappearing as soon as they are let in. Among the dancing and face paint, he sees our young Sister Imperator, looking commanding and gorgeous and thus their dance begins until Papa Nihil finally emerges. I love everything about this video. The story, the dancers, the party, the sexiness, the Rocky Horror and “Thriller” references…everything. Ghost is embracing their step toward pop in this song while hanging tight to their mythology and dark themes.

Ghost truly knows how to have fun with what they do and to not stagnate in one place and one style. Some fans don’t appreciate the direction that the band has taken with Prequelle, but most fans are like me and find it refreshing. Do I love the Ghost of albums past? Of course I do and I stand that Infestissumam is maybe the best they’ve ever released, but I love every album they have put out, including the cover albums. They are all like Ghost’s children: they are all a little different but resemble their parents.

Image courtesy of Ghost

Not only did we see the blood-covered beginnings of fan favorites Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator, but we finally saw the plague doctor masks being hinted at by the band with the “Dance Macabre” video screenshot. They were specially made just for them and you can read about them and buy one of your own now.

So what did you lovely readers think of the video? It leaves more Ghost fans questions than answers about the lore of the band, like how the Papas are selected and their history but the video for “Dance Mabacre” couldn’t have been more perfect. Let us know what you thought of it in the comments and here’s to more amazing videos from Ghost. New to the band? No worries! We have a noob song list just for you.

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Fan of the incredibly ghastly Ghost? Digging the Dance Macabre video? Let the other ghosts know what you think in the comment section below.