The Walking Dead Recap: Jesus saves, Negan rejoices, Walkers evolve

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Careful Whisperers

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There’s a third moment that really drives home the loss of humanity on The Walking Dead: the full introduction of the Whisperers.

No one has ever really weaponized Walkers. Hershel (Scott Foley) tried to save them, Michonne used them as garlic against other Walkers, and the Governor (David Morrissey) used them for scorched earth in battle

But no one has ever made a battalion out of them before the Whisperers. There’s a military precision to it. You flank the Walkers on all sides, have squad leaders control their movement, and conduct grid searches for your target.

There’s even a uniform. The Whisperers don’t want to get eaten, so they adopt a camouflage all purpose uniform. They cut the skin off a Walker and wear it as their own. Things might slip, so they hook and sew the face parts to their own faces.

And that is what’s hunting Eugene (Josh McDermitt).

Rosita (Christian Serratos) wakes up in time to warn Michonne and eavesdropping-Magna that the hunting party of Jesus, Aaron, Daryl, and Dog have no idea what they’re up against.

This leads to an all star team up that skips over tons of useless exposition. Michonne, Magna, and Rosita show up to help the hunting party who are being attacked by a herd of Walkers that just won’t quit.

Jesus is left in slow motion while he uses all of his training to kill many of the Walkers on his own. He’s silhouetted in foggy moonlight. It reminded me of Beatrix Kiddo’s (Uma Thurman) silhouette of doom training montage from Kill Bill Vol. II.

There’s one wayward Walker walking away from Jesus. When he lowers his weapons, the Walker snaps to attention, turns around, and impales Jesus in the back. He’s killed instantly.

When Darryl unmasks the Whisper, the group learns of their new foe.

The Real Easter Egg

One small, quick moment in this episode comes courtesy of the guy who just can’t win. Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) allows himself to be taunted by Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) and, unbeknownst to everyone, including Negan, forgets to lock the cell.

When Negan, who seemed content playing wall-catch like Steve McQueen in The Great Escape, realizes he’s free, he considers going back in his cell for a split second. He tosses his ball stage right. He shrugs a happy grin and exits into the night on stage left.

The Talking Dead announced that The Walking Dead will return on February 10, 2019.

The trailer shows that everyone left in the cemetery this episode survives. There’s also a hint at another smaller time jump because Magna is wearing an ultra cool duster. Maybe it’ll be Fall?

We also see the entrance of the Whisperers leader. They wear a majestic head piece that seems heavily inspired by a Blumhouse interpretation of The Strangers masks. We’re going full horror folks.

Also, here’s hoping we learn more about that shared MacGyver Universe we’re in. I mean, that alarm clock trick Darryl pulled to add distance between the hunting party and the Walkers inspired me to almost care about geometry.

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