ICYMI: Cardinal Copia from Ghost collabs with Emigrate


In a collaboration you may have missed, Cardinal Copia was featured in a song on the new album from Emigrate and it’s pretty amazing.

I love when my favorite artist or singer shows up in unexpected places. That’s what happened when I was listening to YouTube Music and had my Ghost playlist up, which is no surprise to anyone, ever. That’s when a New York based band called Emigrate came onto my feed and I heard a familiar voice.

I double checked to make sure and there it was…Emigrate ft Cardinal Copia. This is by no means a new song because it came out last fall BUT there is a very good chance that if I didn’t hear about it, that maybe you didn’t either. Check it out because it’s pretty awesome.

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That song is amazing. Not only does it start with the sultry tenor tones of Tobias Forge‘s Cardinal Copia, but the whole song is great. Emigrate is fronted by Richard Z. Kruspe, the lead guitarist of the German band Rammstein, who is releasing a new album this year. That also explains why there is a Rammstein collaboration on the album as well. The song “I’m Not Afraid” comes from their third album A Million Degrees and it’s definitely worth a listen.

Cardinal Copia (or should I say Tobias Forge and any of the previous Papas) has such a distinct voice that it can’t really be missed. While the style isn’t one that we have heard from him, through Ghost at least, it is nice to hear him do more alternative metal. While Kruspe’s voice is heavy and deep with a thick German accent, which is lovely in itself, Forge’s higher tones and distinct pronunciation adds new depth to the song (as well as giving it a level of sexiness, sorry not sorry).

If you can, check out the Emigrate YouTube to hear the rest of the album. If you don’t know who Cardinal Copia is…well, I’m not mad. I’m disappointed but I can remedy that by showing you our Ghost for Dummies list.

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What did you think of the Emigrate/Cardinal Copia collab? Let us know in the comments!