Norman Reedus tells the tale of a melancholy ghost on Oddity Files


Norman Reedus appeared on the Oddity Files podcast this weekend with Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott. He recounted the time he spent in his haunted apartment in Prague during the filming of Blade 2 and how he made peace with a ghost.

Norman Reedus is well-known for fighting off zombies at his day job. However, did you know he was a believer in the paranormal? We didn’t either!

This weekend, the actor took time out of his busy schedule to talk with Kitsie Duncan and Clayton Abbott of the Oddity Files podcast. He relayed a story about when he was shooting Blade 2 in Prague and it was very scary.

A realtor managed to find him an apartment on location. So, after about the fourth day of shooting he was ready to take up residency at his new digs. When he got there, it was late at night so he walked around checking the place out.

The main portion of the dwelling was built in a square. Surrounding the living room and kitchen were these stained-glass doors that were very intricate. Apparently, they started slamming behind Norman! Keep in mind, according to the actor, no windows were open so there was nothing that would have caused this to happen.

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One of them shattered. Needless to say, he was completely weirded out by that experience. So, obviously, he didn’t sleep that night.

The next morning, he called his realtor to inquire about the former owner. It was as if she expected his call because her response was, “What happened?”

After Norman told her about his unnerving experience, she proceeded to tell him that Bedrich Smetana, a well-known composer used to reside there. He was the Czech’s version of Mozart. Being curious, the actor did some research on the musician. In his words:

"“Smetana was like heavy metal on the harpsichord. It was the most intense music. The story with him was that he would sit in the apartment and compose music while looking out of the window. Directly across from him was a tower which was a hospital for syphilis patients. His wife was one of them.”"

Eventually, she passed away. So, to comfort himself and try to mitigate his loss, Smetana would write these passionate pieces of music.

Oddly enough, the director of photography on Blade 2 gave Norman a suggestion on how to “clear” the ghost from his abode. His advice involved offering the specter a whiskey while acknowledging that the apartment was Bedrich’s former home.

Reedus took this to heart. He also started to play Smetana’s music frequently because he really enjoyed it. This must have appeased the composer’s restless spirit because the haunting stopped.

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What a tragic story! Being separated from your beloved knowing that she was going to die must have been extremely hard on Bedrich. Sometimes the type of haunting that Norman Reedus experienced can be caused by the residue of strong emotions. If this ever happens to the actor again, he will know what to do!

Do you believe in ghosts? Did you know Norman Reedus was into the paranormal? Let us know what you think in the comments. We want to hear from you.