Ghost: High expectations for their next album release in 2020


After such a monumental year, 2019 is proving to be just as amazing for Ghost. As we look to 2020 to comment on the next album, here is what we hope for.

Last year was a huge year for Ghost. The announcement of a new “leader” in Cardinal Copia, the killing off of all the former Papas, the release of the Prequelle and TWO North American tours. I’m out of breath just repeating that.

That doesn’t even include Tobias Forge finally doing interviews completely unmasked. The band is better than it has ever been and more popular as well. This year has been full of European tours and the announcement of ANOTHER North American tour.

Ghost is hitting all the right notes. Forge has already spilled the beans on the next album that is set to record starting in January of 2020 but this is what we hope the next album will be like.

The band has a sound and by that I mean when you hear it, you know it’s Ghost. Their first three albums (Opus Eponymous, Infestissumam and Meliora), not including the cover albums, all had a big and dark presence about them. Even though the music makes you happy to listen to, a dark vein runs through it. With Prequelle, Ghost definitely changed up the styles of their tunes and showed their ability to evolve and try something new.

Prequelle arrived with mixed reviews from fans but was nominated for two Grammys. It was a fun and dance-y album and they took that opportunity to give us some lore backstory with the “Dance Macabre” music video.

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Tobias Forge told Revolver that their next album is set to be dark and heavier than Prequelle and fans are definitely happy with that. It looks like Forge will be bringing them back to the band’s roots and giving  them the hellish edge that we have come to love and expect from them. So, what do we hope to see and hear from the next album?

Forge has already confirmed that Cardinal Copia will be returning as the front runner for the next album. His hope is that the Cardinal will make it to become a full fledged Papa Emeritus IV. This is the time where the Cardinal is proving himself.

We hope to see more Chapter videos, which Forge has also confirmed will be coming to further unravel the Cardinal’s story. Something that I particularly liked about Prequelle was the showcasing of the Ghouls more than ever. With songs like “Miasma” and “Life Eternal” we get to hear just how talented these Ghouls really are.

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Ghost is hitting uncharted territory with every new “leader,” every new album and with every year. Last year was such a triumph for Ghost that they are going to keep rising like the glass elevator in Willy Wonka.

Are you seeing Ghost on this new tour? What do you hope the next album will be like? Let us know in the comments!