Bruce Campbell schools us on Deadites vs Zombies


Bruce Campbell was one of the stars of the Zombie culture movie, Doc of the Dead in 2014. For those of you who are confused about the differences between Deadites and Zombies, get ready because the actor is about to school you.

Bruce Campbell is usually one of the go-to actors for horror documentaries. So, it was no surprise when he showed up in the 2014 film, Doc of the Dead. Essentially, this production was all about zombies and their infiltration into popular culture.

Everywhere you look, they are there. Recently, there is a walking dead commercial for Amazon Fire TV Cube that has been playing various networks on heavy rotation. AMC’s The Walking Dead is still on the air and in addition to spawning one spin-off, Fear the Walking Dead, it is about to get more along with movies featuring the popular character, Rick Grimes.

Now when it comes to the world of the dead, Campbell’s name usually springs to mind because of his decades long association with Ash Williams the hero of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead franchise. Apparently, there is some confusion surrounding Deadites and Zombies.

It would appear that horror fans get the two mixed up on occasion so Bruce sets the record straight on how to tell the differences between them. According to the actor:

"“Deadites and zombies are from different families. They are different species.”"

Even though they are called Deadites doesn’t mean that they are deceased. In actuality, they are possessed. However, this is where the line gets blurred. Both exist in the Evil Dead universe though.

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In Army of Darkness, there is an army of the dead in the form of talking skeletons. Campbell had this to say about the fan favorite production:

"“You didn’t even want to be in that movie if you weren’t Ash because everyone else is dead or possessed ultimately.”"

Even his character wasn’t immune either. Not only did Williams have to fight everyone he also had to combat himself in the form of Evil Ash and the miniature Ash’s in the windmill sequence.

I guess in the grand scheme of things, if you had to choose one over the other, being a Deadite would probably be more preferable since possession can be overcome. Case in point, Ash in Evil Dead 2 and Kelly and Pablo in Ash vs Evil Dead.

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It’s good to be Ghostbeaters to live and fight another day, unlike Zombies who stay dead and constantly hungry for brains.

Now that Bruce Campbell has cleared the air, which do you prefer? Zombies or Deadites? Let us know in the comments. We want to hear from you.