Johnny Depp (Sort Of) Appeared on ‘The Walking Dead’


Johnny Depp made a cameo on a recent episode of The Walking Dead in the form of a severed head.

We’ve aleady seen a couple of celebrities chipping in cameos on AMC’s juggernaut TV series The Walking Dead. NFL star Hines Ward and Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian have both appeared as zombies in separate episodes, unrecognizable to the casual fan. Now, after the airing of episode 12 of the show’s 6th season, we can add one of Hollywood’s greatest stars to the list, as it featured a cameo by the legendary Johnny Depp!

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Alright, I suppose I’m being a little misleading. The Edward Scissorhands actor did not appear in person on the set of the series, nor did he put on the make-up to become a walker. Rather, a sculpt of his head was used as a prop when the survivors had to choose from one of three heads to use as a decoy to trick the Saviors. In an exclusive interview with EW, Walking Dead executive producer and visual FX artist Greg Nicotero revealed that one of the dummy heads used on-screen was created using a mold of Johnny Depp’s head. Take a look at the picture below— Nicotero didn’t specify which head in the shot belonged to Johnny, but if you look, you can clearly see that the one on the right looks a hell of a lot like him, only with a beard and gray hair.

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Those heads were certainly very detailed and graphic, making for a rather disturbing scene. As always, Nicotero is impressive with his work, and even Daryl Dixon’s actor agrees. “Norman [Reedus] kept saying he wanted the heads when we were done shooting,” Nicotero revealed to EW.