Ghost releases A Pale Tour Named Death video and new album plans


Ghost has had a phenomenal year and it looks like their future continues to get brighter with the release of A Pale Tour Named Death video and a new album on the horizon.

You may have seen our article where we talk about how great the year was for the band Ghost. A “new frontman,” a new album, two tours, and countless interviews means that Ghost is bigger than ever before. Not only that, but they have been regularly releasing content since before their Rats on the Road tour started and they introduced Cardinal Copia.

Since then, we  have  had a music video for “Rats,” an Instagram story music video for “Dance Macabre,” a remix of “Dance Macabre,” AND a lore video for “Dance Macabre” and countless chapter videos announcing tour dates. Now, Ghost has released yet another video for their song “Faith” off the Prequelle album and it’s pretty awesome.

As someone  who was present at a show during A Pale Tour Named Death, the feeling and atmosphere that the video showcases is entirely accurate. One of the best parts of this video is how it focuses on the crowd. You spend so much time at the shows staring at Cardi C and the Ghouls and Ghoulettes (and for good reason because c’mon) that you miss  the atmosphere around you and it is super important.

Look at the faces of the crowd. If that doesn’t show you how amazing their shows are, then I don’t know what will. This may be one of the best videos released because it showcases our favorite sirens of Satan in action and they are fantastic at what they do.

This wild ride they have taken us on since the release of Prequelle only looks to continue after what they recently revealed to Loudwire. Earlier this year, we had heard from Forge that we could expect new music in 2019 that wouldn’t be another covers EP, however, things have changed due to such a jam packed schedule.

With the second half of A Pale Tour Named Death going international, another round of travels with Metallica and possible other dates in countries not visited yet (he has talked about Asia in past interviews), music in 2019 seems all but impossible, but it seems we won’t have to wait too long for a new full album.

"“…when it comes to having a consecutive three months [for] studio time, there is no such time in 2019. That will happen, probably, in Spring 2020. Then you have to add like three months of waiting between recording and releasing. So yeah, you see where I’m going”"

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see where Ghost is headed in regards to their music and the evolution of Cardinal Copia. Forge has mentioned before that we would see Copia turn into a Papa eventually and we would get to watch the story unfold where we haven’t gotten to do that in the past. So, I am excited to see more from Ghost, more from the Ghouls and Ghoulettes, more from Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator and to see what new things 2019 has in store for our favorite unholy music makers.

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New to Ghost? We have an easy guide on their best songs for you right here. Need some Ghost themed artwork in your life? We have you covered on that too. And if  you missed A Pale Tour Named Death or Rats on the Road, we covered both tours to give you the rundown.

Are you looking forward to more Ghost in 2019? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.